Are You vConfused?

Naturally, I watched with interest yesterday’s VMware announcement about a new hybrid cloud service, but its left me stymied.  I’m scratching my head:  is their VMware-branded service something they run, or a partner play?  Forrester analyst James Staten described it as “more a statement of intention than a true unveiling,” and others in the press added the “sort of” caveat as well.  Meanwhile, Chris Wolfe at Gartner feels that this service will be delivered by a “VMware-hosted offering”.

Contributing to the confusion are the VMware statements about providing customers with “the benefits of the public cloud” countered with the statement that when customers are ready they can “select the VMware Service Provider that meets your specific requirements, with a choice of hundreds of the best brands in IaaS.”

So, we were wondering if some of you out there might be able to help clarify things.  We’d appreciate it if you could in the comments section below: is VMware going to operate a real public cloud somewhere in the future?  Or is this a way to gussy up the offerings of others?

Did you understand the news – or were you left feeling a bit vConfused as well?

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  1. Stan says:

    You would be confused, working for a company who has failed to chase, never-mind create, any technology trend in the last 20 years.

    The Hybrid Cloud initiative is about providing an evolutionary path to enterprises, rather than revolutionary jump. So in essence it helps more enterprises adopt and transform.

    As far as details are concerned, it would be fulish of me to comment. All I can say is that customers recognize VMW as an organization very zealous about engineering quality. This will be no different.

  2. AJ says:

    I had the chance to be in a room when Pat Gelsinger was addressing a set of partners and customers – and yes, his statement of the hybrid cloud service was confusing – but he did clarify a few things :-

    a. VMware is not going to be building VMware Datacenters around the world

    b. Their Hybrid Cloud Service  will be delivered through their VMware Service Providers. He did mention that earlier VMware just gave their Service Providers the software and a pricing model to run – and "left them" to run the service – but they have realized, that for the future this wont do – customers are expecting a higher level of commitment and backing by VMware in these Service Provider Partner Hosting Models.

    Q2 of 2013 is when we can hope to see some clarity emerging !

    At the moment, I concur with your observations as well 🙂

  3. vGuyIsDumb says:

    Nice to see the "hate MS for anything and everything" crowd is out.  You tool.

  4. Juan Carlos de Burbon says:

    Anyone who is doing serious multi-node VM hosting is using VMWare.  Only people who worship at the cult of Microsoft are using Microsoft virtualization.  I don't know of any reseller/competitor who is using MS virtualization.

  5. Wiliam Cook says:

    Is their an adaptor I can get to use these new single sided drives with my older 39 pin cables?

  6. JD says:

    No, VMware isn't hosting public cloud. They are building a network of authorized service partners which can be sold by other partners in a form of cloud unit. So a company can purchase units (public cloud) from their existing trusted VMware partner, who can then select which VMware service partner to host the customer applications. This is only applicable when the customers trusted VMware partner doesn't already have their own public cloud offering. Essentially it is an exchange where SP's can wholesale to non-SP's. This is similar to how Microsoft rolled out Hosted Exchange.

  7. steve says:

    i know im a bit late on this post, but here goes anyway.

    CONFUSED? understatement.  So what are we to expect with this new announcement?  Did we just waste money upgrading to Vsphere5? Did we just buy the wrong hardware to leverage our platforms across multiple providers? Is our new VMWARE agreement going to be able to take advantage of this new offering, even though we dont know what it is, dont know if we need it but want it, dont know if we want it or need it, or simply just dont need or want it?

    I think the most important point to take away from this new announcement is that we made a very sound decision based on very solid grounds, even though our providers heads are in the clouds.

  8. formerVM customer says:

    I used to use VMware until I had a problem with it and could not get any support whatsoever from the company.  I was willing to pay for ugrades but after numerous calls and emails went unanswered I deleted their software and switched to a competitors.

  9. nolongerVMware says:

    i also used VMWARE for our IT needs.  we received support, but paid dearly for it.  This seems to be VMWARE's latest approach to getting more $$ by capitalizing on "cloud" services offered by partner services.  Let's just wait and see what they really have.  in the meantime, use a service that is already established.  

  10. Tom says:

    Hey, it has the word "cloud" in a press release. It doesn't have to make sense.

  11. greg says:

    perhaps it is a marketing ploy … something to generate an interest in their stock ? maybe an "on-the-fly" market-test ?  

  12. lynn says:

    I bought a laptop with window's 8 after 3 hour's of trying to make it work and 45 min on the phone with tec. support in some forigen country (cant understand them) I took it back .

  13. Testing12 says:

    Look at who owns VMWare – EMC – and then you stop questioning the ambiguous announcements that are virtually meaningless.  EMC is the new CA.  As Intel builds more virtualization into their chips, its our hope that competitors will offer better supported solutions based in virtualization (with all the same tools and clustering capabilities)

  14. Rick Weir says:

    I suspect that VMware is losing business to cloud-based IaaS.  The "announcement" was designed to stop the hemorrhaging and freeze the decision makers within their customer base who might be leaning towards Amazon, Microsoft or other cloud provider.

  15. superUser says:

    Love VMWare products, and their user-Group i.e. VMUG, however, when my MacBook Pro came with a free copy of Parallels, I hesitantly installed.  Boy, am I impressed at the rich features so I think I'll go with my free copy instead of purchasing Fusion.

    Not sure about this Cloud thing, might work for smaller companies but large ones should really keep their storage and infrastructure in-house.

  16. John says:

    Number one, the cloud is nebulous. Number two, VMware is a virtual solution. They are made for each other. Like the definition of Russia by Churchill, "It's a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma," this new announcement by VMware is a "Nebulous offering, wrapped in confusion, in a virtual solution."

  17. RGrace says:

    Internet as a Service? Seriously? I have that now. It's called the Web. Talk about a solution in search of a problem. I just finished working on a project for a software partner product of VMware and I have to say the VMware UI design is the worst I've ever seen, and their product mix is stunningly confusing. Their full virtualization platform looks like a bunch of pieces that several big product groups designed in silos and were forced to integrate after the fact in any way they possibly could. None of the major products (Orchestrator, vCloud Director, vSphere) have the same interface and in fact their middleware product, Orchestrator, has two distinct management interfaces, one in HTTP and one in Java. Insanity. IaaS? More like IA$$.

  18. Ken says:

    Being a long time user of vmware products, being confused is normal. Working as a sysadmin, they change the licensing, then the names and then back…. and so on. Thye make a great core product, but confusing people seems to be their thing……..

  19. woogie says:

    The reality is that VMware and VSphere is still leaps and bounds ahead of anything Microsoft offers in the virtualized datacenter space.

    Need failover between virtualized data centers? Not on Microsoft.  Need lock and step virtualized systems that offer failover that is real time without loss of a measurable packet of data not on Microsoft.

    Cloud is buzz speak that real geeks know is used to describe using the internet as a transport to a datacenter.  Nothing more, nothing less.  You can do cloud on your own, or you can pay someone to do it.

    The caveat is will Microsoft catch up?  I don't know.  I would expect they will, they usually do.  But every time it looks like Hyper-V is close to offering what VSphere offers VMware adds a ton of new features that place Microsoft farther behind.

  20. Jack says:

    Really? This is where you gripe about VMware support? Come on.  Also, 2 comments, 1 not even in topic, pathetic.  Wasted my time even reading the 'tech blog'

  21. Dr. Vildeman says:

    OK…cloud storage is a hypothetical pathetic use of stacked data banks, probably suited for the Goobermints new storage facility in Utah.  Therefore, one is subscribing to a service that is selling your soul and proprietary and non to the O'Merica foundation thru privatization of data collection.  Want cloud…buy your own planet.

  22. KBW says:

    I'm more confused that the article I just read won't be published until next month 🙂

  23. Thomas Buckingham says:

    Confused with the VMware Windows 8×32 and 8×64

  24. NielsG says:

    The fundamental issue, is that now EMC/VMWare are in direct competition with Cloud service providers… It will remain to be seen if EMC/VMWare can execute on Service Strategy and Design as efficiently as effectively as ISPs and Cloud Service Providers.

    For those who want CLOUD un-tethered, you need to ditch VMWare all together, and go XEN and Open Source. Once folks realize the bulk of the effort is in managing the VMs themselves, not the infrastructure, IT will come around and go open source for the Hyperviser. VMWare in the long term, has little to offer. They are still just carving up a limited supply of Hardware for VMs, and great licensing and maintenance costs.

    Good solid firms are starting to offer great support options for Open Source, and what would you rather pay for? Free software and great support, or so so paid for software and more expensive support???

  25. Carlos Azevedo says:

    I'd say I'm a bit vConfused on this matter.


  26. Virtual Commodity says:

    I have met with many senior people at VMware and, after many inquiries on this subject, was unable to find clarity and a definitive statement of direction, channel strategy, etc..  They need to stop acting (arrogantly) like a hot start-up, recognize that they are under severe market/price pressure from the likes of Microsoft, and start recognizing and respecting customer and channel partner interests.

  27. fred says:

    As VMW stockholder, I am really pissed off about htis ridiculous 'announcement'.  The stock has tanked ever since. No clarification from VMW.  Stock keeps going down.

  28. Victor David says:

    Until the time of Hyper-V running on Windows Server 2008R2, VMWare has a slight advantage over Microsoft on the virtualization field. However with Hyper-V on Server 2012 there's now a clear advantage for Microsoft.

  29. thecrud says:

    I cant really imagine there could be some better software on a modern computer. Any complaint you just must not use it. Launch another operating system please tell me what you think is better than that.

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