Did I speculate on Apple iPhone?

There is a Digg story on my 2005 book "Smart Phone and Next Generation Mobile Computing".

"In his 2005 book Smart Phone and Next Generation Mobile Computing, Pei Zheng spoke of mobile music as part of the “Next Wave of Computing.” He suggested iTunes might in the future merge with mobile technology to offer users wireless access to music. “Imagine an iPod-like smart phone (the iPhone?),” he said."

Yes I did talk about the possibility of iPod-like smart phone - and even named it 'iPhone'. It was not difficult to name an Apple product. Consider iTunes, iTV, iPhone, and iRan (oops.) 

Anyway I am glad to see somebody brought up the book excerpt about a particular product I speculated. The book indeed talks a lot about next wave of the wireless landscape, and many emerging wireless technologies. When I get a chance, I will update it with newer advances in this sector.


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