For every $1 Vista earns for Microsoft, it will generte at least $12 into the global economy

IDC analyst Marcel Warmerdam predicts that for every $1 Windows Vista earns for Microsoft, it will pump at least $12 into global economy. This is stated in the article "How Microsoft is Finally Taking the Living Room". The point here is that Vista's much improved graphics and media features will prod consumers to buy better hardware, fancy peripherals, more graphic-rich software and web services. Therefore the much delayed OS will have a major impact on the global economy.

The story is not available online yet. I will post the link later on.

Other interesting things from this story:

1. IDC estimates that at least 90 million Vista-based PCs will ship in 2007 alone.

2. Vista is likely to boom the software market for as much as $40 billion

3. Someone says "This could be the last big OS release", as desktop applications are migrating to the Web.  


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