C++ small gotcha – 3

Have two class as below:


struct MyBase


  __int64 x;

  __int64 y;



          memset(this, 0, sizeof(MyBase));




struct MyDerived: public MyBase


  int z;

  MyDerived():MyBase(), z(0)




Then create two objects as below, and then compare these two
objects with memcmp, do you think the c compare will be equal since the
constructor has initialized all the members of the objects to be 0?

MyDerived obj1;
MyDerived obj2;
if (memcmp(&obj1, &obj2, sizeof(MyDerived)) == 0)
        cout << "equal" << endl;


The answer is no. Since due to data alignment, the size of
MyDerived is 24 bytes, although the constructor has initialized x, y and z to
0, there are still 4 bytes keeps uninitialized, so they may be equal or not.

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  1. Ofek says:

    Interesting issue. Thanks for posting!

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