Visual Studio 2013 Release Candidate Available Today!

    Hey Folks 🙂 Wanted to let you know that the Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013 Release Candidates were made public today. Here is some guidance and information: Please go to Soma’s blog for the main announcement today. Action Items: – Download Visual Studio 2013 RC   [Update: 9/10/2013] You can…


Visual Studio 2013 Preview: Code Map Debugger Integration

  Prologue The original Code Map was introduced in the product with Visual Studio 2012 Update 1. You need to read my original post before moving on:   My assessment at the time was that it was a good feature but had poor performance and didn’t really add much value relative to Dependency Graphs….


Visual Studio 2013: Quick Launch

In the past, finding things deep in the IDE has been a challenge. Visual Studio 2012 introduced Quick Launch (CTRL + Q) which specifically addresses how to dig inside Visual Studio to find features you need. Let’s take a look.   Quick Launch: Basic Use You can find Quick Launch in the upper right corner…


Visual Studio 2013 Preview: Navigate To

You can use Navigate To to search for objects, definitions, or references (symbols) in a solution. If you happen to remember the old Navigate To dialog box then you know it was useful but blocked your view of the code:   The new Navigate To dialog is much less intrusive. Just press CTRL+,[comma] to see…


Visual Studio 2013 Preview: Peek Definition aka Go To Definition (Peek)

Traditionally when you want to view the definition of a method you place your cursor inside the call:   Then press F12 to go to the document where the definition exists:     Using Peek But what if you don’t want to leave your current location:   No problem! Just take advantage of the new…


Visual Studio 2013 Preview: CodeLens aka Code Information Indicators

[Updated: 7/12/2013: Thanks to John Gardner for the updated info.]   There is only one way to describe this next feature: IT ROCKS!   To use this feature you will need Visual Studio 2013 Preview and Team Foundation Server 2013 Preview as some information comes from TFS.     Presenting the Problem For me, this…


Visual Studio 2013 Preview: C++ Automatic Brace Completion

One of the new features in VS2013 for C++ Developers is automatic brace completion. We’ve had this in other languages for a while and this is an example of the C++ language gaining IDE parity with VB and C#.   Essentially, if you type any of the following characters: { (curly brace) [ (square bracket)…


Visual Studio 2013 Preview: Distinguishing Multiple Instances of Visual Studio

  So this next feature I don’t personally have much use for but it may be useful for some of you. Basically, with older versions of Visual Studio, you would have multiple instances opened and you couldn’t distinguish between the active and inactive ones:   Now in Visual Studio 2013 you can distinguish between multiple…


Visual Studio 2013 Preview: Enhanced Scroll Bar

Visual Studio 2013 has another great new feature: enhanced scroll bar functionality. The new scroll bar will show cursor location, breakpoints, and much more! Let’s take a look.     Power Tools Before we begin I want to address where some of the new features in VS2013 are coming from. In Visual Studio 2013 many…