Using Incremental Search

Versions Supported:  2008,2010 Keyboard Shortcut:  CTRL + I Menu Command:  Edit -> Advanced -> Incremental Search Video: Publish Date:  1/1/2010 Tip Code:  vstipFind0001   Incremental search is a powerful search to use when you want to keep both your focus and your cursor in the editor when searching in the current document. It is…


Zoom in or out of text in the Editor

Keyboard:  CTRL + SHIFT + >; CTRL + SHIFT + <Command:  View.ZoomInVersions:  2010Published:  1/8/2010Code:  vstipEdit0003   You can change the zoom factor for text using the Zoom combo box in the lower left-hand corner of the Editor.  Simply choose a pre-determined size or type in a value of your own.


Zoom in or out of text in the Editor using the mouse wheel

Keyboard:  CTRL + Mouse WheelCommand:  View.ZoomInVersions:  2010Published:  1/7/2010Code:  vstipEdit0002   There is a great new feature in the editor that allows you to instantly change the zoom factor of text.  Just hold down your CTRL key and use the wheel on your mouse to zoom in or out. 


Windows 7 Article Contest on The Code Project

        Working with my buddy, Jeff Hadfield (CEO of The Code Project), we have come up with a contest that is seriously cool!  All you have to do it submit a great article explaining how you built an app for Windows 7 – complete with code – and if yours is the…


Customize how Find in Files results are displayed in the Find Results Window

Keyboard:  CTRL + SHIFT + F Menu:  Edit -> Find and Replace -> Find in FilesCommand:  Edit.FindinFilesVersions:  2008,2010Published: 1/3/2010Code:  vstipFind0002        You can customize your Find in Files results to show what you want to see and how you want to see it. Example:  You don’t want to view the entire file path shown…


How to cycle through the Clipboard Ring to paste different things

Keyboard:  CTRL + SHIFT + V; CTRL + SHIFT + INSERTMenu:  Edit -> Cycle Clipboard RingCommand:  Edit.CycleClipboardRingVersions:  2008,2010Published:  1/2/2010Code:  vstipEdit0001     The Clipboard Ring keeps track of the past 20 items you’ve either cut or copied so you can reuse them over and over again!  After you hit item 20, it’ll go back to…


New Tips and Tricks Coding System

  Folks, I’ve decided to change the coding for tips and tricks going forward.  It may not be perfect but it should suffice for our needs.  Take a peek and let me know if you have any comments / suggestions based on the new system:   Just shoot me an email if you…


Visual Studio Tips and Tricks: The Coding System

After looking at the way tips and tricks where numbered in the past, I decided to update the system a bit.  There were previously two systems in place: Sara Ford’s original posts on her blog that were numbered sequentially (i.e. tip #320) The numbering system used in the book when it was published using chapter…


Microsoft Source Analysis for C#

Finally available to the public!!!!  Check this out:   === Source Analysis is similar in many ways to Microsoft Code Analysis (specifically FxCop), but there are some important distinctions. FxCop performs its analysis on compiled binaries, while Source Analysis analyzes the source code directly. For this reason, Code Analysis focuses more on the design of…


Visual Studio Debugger FAQ

Fracking awesome post by Jim Griesmer you have to read: