Visual Studio 2013: Insert a Line

This is another quick but useful feature. Let’s say you have some code:   And you need a line, either, above or below the line your cursor is on. Not a problem! Just press CTRL+ENTER for a line above:   Or CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER for a line below the current line:


You can insert a blank line above or below the current line

Keyboard:  CTRL + Enter (line above), CTRL + SHIFT + Enter (line below) Command:  Edit.LineOpenAbove; Edit.LineOpenBelowVersions:  2008,2010Published:  1/10/2010Code:  vstipEdit0005   This is a great feature for adding extra white space when you need it.  Try it out yourself.  Go to any line in the Editor and press CTRL + Enter to insert a line above…