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Keyboard:  ALT + W, [1,2,3, etc] (windows); ALT + F, F, [1,2,3, etc]  (files); ALT + F, J, [1,2,3, etc] (projects and solutions)Menu:  Tools -> Options -> General -> Recent files; Window -> [1,2,3, etc]; File -> Recent Files -> [1,2,3, etc]; File -> Recent Projects and Solutions -> [1,2,3, etc]Versions:  2008,2010Published:  4/17/2010Code:  vstipEnv0013  …


Close All But This on the File Tab Channel

Command:  File.CloseAllButThisVersions:  2008,2010Published:  4/1/2010 Code:  vstipEnv0011   If you ever get the urge to close every file except one you want to keep open then just right-click on the file tab and choose “Close All But This”:


Using CTRL + ALT + Down Arrow to Open the File Menu Dropdown List

Keyboard:  CTRL + ALT + Down ArrowCommand:  Window.ShowEzMDIFileListVersions:  2008,2010Published:  2/21/2010Code:  vstipEnv0003   When you have a lot of files in the File Tab it is sometimes easier to view them as a list.  The File Menu Dropdown List will do that for you.  It’s the dropdown to the far right on the File Tab that…