Visual Studio 2013: Cut or Delete the Current Line

You can quickly and easily cut or delete the current line. Just do one of the suggestions below.     Begin any operation by placing your cursor anywhere on the line:   Cut The Current Line Use CTRL + L to cut only the text on the line without the carriage return at the end….


Delete All Breakpoints

Keyboard:  CTRL + SHIFT + F9Menu:  Debug -> Delete All BreakpointsCommand:  Debug.DeleteAllBreakpointsVersions:  2008,2010Published:  5/7/2010Code:  vstipDebug0025   You can exercise the nuclear option on your Breakpoints and delete them all.  You have a couple of options:   WARNING: You had better have an export of your Breakpoints before you do either of these options if you…


Delete to the Beginning or End of a Word

Keyboard:  CTRL + DEL (forward); CTRL + BACKSPACE (backward)Command:  Edit.WordDeleteToEnd; Edit.WordDeleteToStartVersions:  2008,2010Published:  4/6/2010Code:  vstipEdit0040   Download the seriously cool Tip of the Day Extension to get the daily tips delivered to your Start Page!    This one is interesting.  You can delete from the current cursor position to the beginning or end of a word. …


Cut or Delete the Current Line

Keyboard:  CTRL + L (cut text); SHIFT + DEL(cut text and carriage return); CTRL + X(cut text and carriage return); CTRL + SHIFT + L (delete)Command:  Edit.LineCut; Edit.Cut; Edit.Cut; Edit.LineDeleteVersions:  2008,2010Published:  4/4/2010Code:  vstipEdit0038   You can quickly and easily do a cut operation by doing the following: Place your cursor on any line: Do one…


Delete Horizontal White Space

Keyboard:  CTRL + K, CTRL + \Menu:  Edit -> Advanced -> Delete Horizontal White SpaceCommand:  Edit.DeleteHorizontalWhiteSpaceVersions:  2008,2010Published:  4/3/2010Code:  vstipEdit0037   Want to get rid of some extra spaces?  You can!  First find a line that has some extra white space you want to get rid of:   Put your cursor in the extra white space:…