IntelliTrace Debugging Deep Dive Session is Available for Download

  Folks, apologies for going dark for a few weeks but I have been heads down in the creation of some new IntelliTrace content.  I’ve put together a set of labs and slide decks that you can use to train yourself and/or train others on how to use this to full advantage.  You can find…


Setting a Tracepoint in source code

Command:  EditorContextMenus.CodeWindow.Breakpoint.BreakpointWhenHitVersions:  2008,2010Published:  2/7/2010Code:  vstipDebug0010   Most everyone knows what a Breakpoint is but, since Visual Studio 2005, we have had Tracepoints as well.  Unlike Breakpoints, Tracepoints give you the opportunity to unobtrusively print out information during (or after) application execution.  This tip will show you how to use the IDE to create Tracepoints but…


Setting a Breakpoint in the Call Stack Window

Keyboard:  F9 (toggle Breakpoint)Menu:  Debug -> Toggle BreakpointCommand:  Debug.ToggleBreakpointVersions:  2008,2010Published:  2/5/2010Code:  vstipDebug0008   This tip has been around a long, long time and yet people still don’t seem to know about it.  So.for your enjoyment we present an Old School tip today:   First set a Breakpoint deep in series of calls to get a…


Debugging .NET Applications

    Want to kick some debugging ass and chew bubble gum?  And you’re all out of bubble gum?  Then check out this fracking amazing post by Tess Ferrandez on .NET Debugging.  Holy crap she rocks!!!   check it out at:     From the post: === This is a series of debugging demos…


Visual Studio Debugger FAQ

Fracking awesome post by Jim Griesmer you have to read: