Visual Studio 2013: Matching Braces

This next feature only applies to C++ and C# just so you know. There are four things I want to talk about: highlighting, moving, selecting, and defining matching braces.   Highlighting If you have any code with matching braces:   You can put your cursor to the left of any brace and it will highlight…


Moving or Selecting Between Matching Braces vstipEdit0075

The text version of this video can be found here:   If you can’t play the embedded video below, you can see it here:    You can also see my entire YouTube channel here:    


Moving Between Matching Braces (C#)

Keyboard:  CTRL + ]Command:  Edit.GotoBraceVersions:  2008,2010Published:  10/15/2010Code:  vstipEdit0075   In C# you can travel between matching braces by using the CTRL + ] shortcut.  Here is how it works:   To see the brace matching highlights, click to the left of an opening brace:   or to the right of a closing brace:    …


Brace Matching Rectangle

Menu:  Tools -> Options -> Fonts and Colors -> Display ItemsVersions:  2008,2010Published:  4/16/2010Code:  vstipEdit0050   Download the seriously cool Tip of the Day Extension to get the daily tips delivered to your Start Page!   Are you tired of having wimpy brace matching rectangles?  Do the other developers make fun of your default colors?  Are…


Automatic Brace Matching (Highlight)

Yeah this one came up the other day and I thought it was cool to mention.  You can get freaky with colors when you do brace matching so you REALLY know it is matching.  One suggestion is making the color bright red for brace matching.   To change your matching experience today go to:…