World of Warcraft Install on Vista

Okay, so I bit the bullet and installed WOW on Vista last night.  I am going to install the patches tonight and see how it works.  If anyone has had issues, lemme know.  BTW, feel free to catch up with me on Eredar (70 NE Priest — SQLVarChar).  I don’t play as often as I…


For My Hardcore Readers…

Who wants a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro?  Just put a comment on this post before midnight tonight CST and I will pick someone to receive it.  Good luck!


Turn Off the Uppercase Menu in Visual Studio 2012

I’ve been seeing a ton of posts lately on this feature so thought I would share here as well.  I also like to give credit where credit is due so I did a search and it looks like the earliest mention of this ability is by Richard Banks in his post 6\1\2012 here:  If…


Party Unity My Ass — Awesome!

I try not to get political but this is just too good to pass up.  I caught this on the news the other day.  Talk about no bs I think even i could learn something from these folks.



Menu:  Tools -> Options -> Environment -> AutoRecoverVersions:  2008,2010,2012,2013Published:  6/30/2010Code:  vstipEnv0019   ===== WARNING: Read the comments associated with this post as there are multiple complaints that this features doesn’t work as expected. Read this thread from the engineering folks about usage with versions VS2010 and older. =====   Perhaps your best friend is…


Proposed Book Title

The new book is entering its final stages before we start work in earnest.  After much discussion internally we have finally come up with a potential title for the new book and I wanted to get your thoughts.  Let me preface this with the following:  We wanted to depart from the “tips and tricks” moniker…


Visual Studio 2013 Preview: CodeLens aka Code Information Indicators

[Updated: 7/12/2013: Thanks to John Gardner for the updated info.]   There is only one way to describe this next feature: IT ROCKS!   To use this feature you will need Visual Studio 2013 Preview and Team Foundation Server 2013 Preview as some information comes from TFS.     Presenting the Problem For me, this…


AJAX fun with the dreaded ‘sys is undefined’ error

If you have started to play with AJAX then you have most likely come across the dreaded ‘sys is undefined’ error.  I found numerous articles on how to get this working but the best ones all point to making sure you have the correct entries in your web.config.   So to summarize what I have read:…


Visual Studio 2013: Turn Off the Uppercase Menu

NOTE: This is an older feature. I’ve updated the information for VS2013.   This is one change to Visual Studio that I’m not a fan of and I still continue to see a ton of posts on this change so thought I would share here as well.    I always try to give credit where…


Heroes Happen Here Launch in Second Life — April 26th, 2008

Once again we are poised to make history for Microsoft by holding the first ever full-fledged Launch event in Second Life.  With less than two weeks to go I wanted to post again about the event and provide more details on what is going on the day of the event.   Things You Will Need…