Visual Studio Update 1 Is Available!

The first update for VS2013 came out yesterday and is heavy on bug fixes but not much in the way of new functionality. You can download the latest update from here:



Here is a list with the new additions underlined:



Note Unless otherwise indicated, linked items will take you to Microsoft Connect webpages.

Team Foundation Server

    • You cannot change the process parameters in the Queue Build dialog box in Visual Studio 2013.



  • Fixes screen reader compatibility for the "Debug Managed Memory" feature.
  • Updates the "Debug Managed Memory" feature to work on computers that have Windows Internet Explorer 9 installed.
  • MMA UI can be read by screen reader now.


Directed Graph Markup Language

  • Non-ENU Visual Studio crashes when the Legend in a DGML document is updated by disabling or deleting any item in the legend list.

Graphics Debugger

  • Graphics assets that are referenced by a graphics mesh are not deployed correctly.
  • When you capture a frame on a Windows 7 computer that does not have KB2670838 installed, you may receive the following error message:

    The Graphics Diagnostics engine couldn't create a debug device, most likely because the matching Windows SDK for this version of Windows is not installed. Please install the matching SDK and try again.

Web Tools

Visual C++

  • Assume that you edit a dialog that contains at least one picture control in Resource Editor. After you save the file, the project can no longer be compiled.
  • When you edit multiple resources in Resource Editor, Visual Studio crashes randomly.
  • Addresses some Visual C++ automatic formatting issues.
  • Visual C++ IDE does not work as expected if there is an unexpected registry subkey under the following registry key:
  • When you try to link with PGO on amd64_x86 complier, Visual Studio crashes.



  • IntelliTrace Viewer is updated to support Internet Explorer 9.


Cloud Platform

  • "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message when an external user tries to save any intrinsic entity data from an Office 365-based cloud business application.


Visual Studio Test

    Load Test

    • Visual Studio freezes when you try to run a load test in the cloud by using Visual Studio Online for the first time when there is no active connection to a Visual Studio Online account from your Team Explorer.
    • You cannot run load tests beyond 250 virtual users if you activated Visual Studio Ultimate by using an MSDN subscription.
    • When you activate Visual Studio by signing in to your Visual Studio online account by using your MSDN subscription id, you cannot run remote load tests, load tests together with a loadtest plugin or a virtual user load more than 250.
    • Load testing in Cloud with Visual Studio Online is broken on a computer that has Internet Explorer 9 installed. The Load Test Manager and Load Test Results windows do not render with Internet Explorer 9 correctly.
    • When there are multiple Visual Studio Online Accounts connected to in Visual Studio and none of them are active, one of the accounts is picked to communicate with the Load Testing in Cloud with Visual Studio Online, which results in a broken experience.
    • After you run a cloud-based load test by using Visual Studio Online, the "Download Result" operation fails for the first time. Additionally, you receive the following error message:

      There was an error while importing the result file. Details: The system cannot find the file specified. After correcting the problem open the results from Load Test Manager.

XAML Tools

  • Improved the stability of the XAML designers in Visual Studio and Blend in a variety of scenarios for all XAML platforms (such as Windows Store, Windows Phone, Silverlight, WPF).
  • Addressed an issue concerning the packaging of Windows Store applications in which both XBF and XAML were packaged into a Windows Store AppX package when referencing Extension SDKs.

XAML Designer

  • Allow controls compiled for Windows 8 to display in the Toolbox for Windows 8.1 projects.

Release Management for Visual Studio 2013


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  1. Load times for VS2013 and VS2012 very slow after installing VS2013 Update 1 says:

    My load times for both my VS2012 and VS2013 project is very slow after the installation of this update. My load times were typically under 10 seconds, but are now greater than one minute. Any ideas?

  2. zainnab says:

    This isn't a problem I've heard of yet with the update. Is it just you or are others experiencing the same where you work?


  3. SimonRev says:

    I hope that all of those release notes items are the items that have been fixed and not the known issues list.

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