Visual Studio 2013: Cut or Delete the Current Line

You can quickly and easily cut or delete the current line. Just do one of the suggestions below.



Begin any operation by placing your cursor anywhere on the line:

5-16-2012 1-27-53 PM


Cut The Current Line

Use CTRL + L to cut only the text on the line without the carriage return at the end.

Or use SHIFT + DEL or CTRL + X to cut the line and the carriage return at the end.



Delete the Current Line

If you want to DELETE the line instead you can use CTRL + SHIFT + L.

Comments (4)
  1. Arun Mahendrakar says:

    I'm able to do this in VS2012 as well, but I don't see much of a difference between Ctrl + L and Ctrl + Shift + L, both remove the entire line and the carriage return at the end.


  2. Dan Smith says:

    Arun — if you re-read the specifics, you'll see that CTRL-L places the line's content into your clipboard, while CTRL-SHIFT-L does not.


  3. MereNonsense says:

    Could I disable the feature that Ctrl+X cuts whole line?

    I want it to do nothing if nothing selected.

    It's so simple and so impossible 🙁

  4. EmacsUsers says:

    Emacs users tend to save a file with Ctrl-X-S, which causes serious problems when switching to VS. Everything they save a file, a random line is deleted.

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