Visual Studio 2013: Insert a Line

This is another quick but useful feature. Let’s say you have some code:

5-17-2012 11-37-10 AM


And you need a line, either, above or below the line your cursor is on. Not a problem! Just press CTRL+ENTER for a line above:

5-17-2012 11-38-47 AM


Or CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER for a line below the current line:

5-17-2012 11-40-47 AM

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  1. Pazu2 says:

    maybe you should change title, instead of 2013, put 2003 – this is really old feature

  2. Kim Tranjan says:

    Jirí, it's not an old feature. It's a feature of an extension called Productivity Power Tools. 🙂

  3. zainnab says:

    Hey Jiri and Kim 🙂

    Jiri — So, yes, it is an old feature but you may have missed the post where I said I would be going back through the highlights from my book to update the material for 2013. Anything new will have the word "Preview" in the title to distinguish it from the old stuff that is getting updated.

    Kim — Actually this stuff predates the Power Tools by quite a bit. I know this feature goes back to at least 2005 and possibly further (as Jiri has indicated) but I haven't verified it any further back myself.


  4. Byron Adams says:

    This feature is not working for me in 2013 any ideas why?

  5. zainnab says:


    it's an older features so should work out of the box. The only thing I can think of is a conflict with another command on the key binding. See this article for some background and to check your bindings:…/keyboard-shortcuts-creating-new-shortcuts-vstiptool0063.aspx


  6. Byron Adams says:

    Sorry, I confused it with Shift + Enter, which has frustrated me because I use it a lot in 2012.  I think it may have been added by an extension because the command: Tools.AddEndTokenAtTheEnd is not present in 2013.  This should be added as a default.  It is not only one less key to press than Ctrl + Shift + Enter, but also adds the end of line token like ; it C#.

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