Introducing the New Microsoft Logo!

For the first time in 25 years we are changing our logo.  You can find our more from Jeffrey Meisner’s post here:



Just to remind you what the old logo looked like, here it is:


And now (drum roll please) the new logo:


We also have a cool video that shows some of our new logos that you can check out:

Comments (4)

  1. Jamie says:

    Your first Microsoft logo is wrong, you have the flag parts the wrong way up!  Oh the irony.

    Also, you have an old logo at the bottom of this very page.  Aside from that – good job!

  2. zainnab says:

    Hey Jamie 🙂

    Yeah I put the wrong old logo in the post that I intended. Looks like my last update didn't take but it's fixed now. I can't do anything about the old logo at the bottom that's controled by the MSDN folks.  Thanks for the heads up on the corrections I needed to make 🙂


  3. Daniel Rose says:

    Blue is Windows, red-orange is Office, green is XBox, yellow is …?

    Surface? Sharepoint? SQL Server? Visual Studio? Azure?

  4. zainnab says:

    Yellow is for "group hug" 🙂

    Actually I have no clue.

    I gave up trying to figure out the machinations of marketing a long time ago.


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