Visual Studio 11 Beta is Here!!



If you haven’t heard yet, yesterday we shipped the latest installment of our IDE.


I’ve updated the navigation links to point to the latest release but I’ll summarize here for folks.


If you just want the bit for Visual Studio, you can get them here:


I suggest a more full experience when playing with the new products.  The good news is Brian Keller has updated his famous virtual machine and demos to the latest release which gives you a nice environment to experiment:


So what now?  Well I’ll be posting articles on what’s new/changed in this release and how you can leverage it.  Also, let me know what YOU think about this release. 


I’ll preempt the coming posts with the obvious statement about the color and iconography changes.  I know for many people the initial reaction, like mine, will be to  reject it.  However, I’m reminded of the function bar in Office when it was first introduced and felt the same way about it.  Now I can’t live without it.  So my ask is this:  If your initial reaction to the IDE change is to reject it then, like me, give it three months of playing around in it.   If you still don’t like it then at least you gave it a fair shake.  That my .02 on the subject so far…

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