Code Metrics – Creating Work Items from Code Metrics Results

Windows: Alt, V, M (press several times), Enter

Menu: View | Other Windows | Code Metrics Results

Command: View.CodeMetricsResults

SKU: Premium, Ultimate

Versions: 2008, 2010

Languages: C++ (managed only), C#, VB

Code: vstipTool0137


NOTE: This tip requires that you are connected to a Team Foundation Server (TFS) for source control. You can learn more about TFS here:



When you are working with code metrics, you typically don’t have time to stop and redo every issue right away. You can create work items in the Code Metrics Results window to file issues away to be reworked later. First, locate an item that you feel needs attention and right-click it:



As you can see there are a lot of options here that you can use. For our purposes we will just create a new issue:



Visual Studio will automatically fill on some data and let you fill in other information as needed:



When you are done you can save and close the work item then continue examining the rest of the code metrics results.

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