Show the Output Window During Build

Menu:  Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> General
Versions:  2008,2010
Published:  7/3/2010
Code:  vstipTool0045


If you don’t want the Output Window to show up every time you do a build, you can easily keep it from happening by going to Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> General and deselect the “Show Output window when build starts” option:



Of course, you can bring up the Output Window anytime by pressing CTRL + ALT + O.

Comments (5)

  1. Catto says:

    NIce one

  2. Phred says:

    Whenever you have "Show Output window when build starts" enabled, the output window always shows the "Build" in the "Show output from" dropdown.  How do you cause the output to default to "Build Order" instead of "Build"?

  3. eckes says:

    @phred: I've opened a thread on StackOverflow regarding this topic:…/how-do-i-sort-build-output-of-visual-studio-by-build-order-by-default

    I'd be glad if someone could provide an answer there.

  4. ayaz khan says:

    I  am show the output on the form in a visual studio 2012.

    how  to show it….please help me any one….

  5. Endasil says:

    I want to see the output window so i have "Show Output window when build starts" checked, but it switches the the error list instead (Even when there are no errors). Any suggestion on how to fix this?

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