Show the Full File Path in the Task List

Menu:  Tools –> Options –> Environment –> Task List –> Task list options
Versions:  2008,2010
Published:  6/11/2010
Code:  vstipTool0033


This next tip only applies to items in the Task List that are part of the “Comments” and “Shortcuts” areas:



Normally, an item in the Task List doesn’t have the full path:



You can enable the full path by going to Tools –> Options –> Environment –> Task List –> Task list options and turning off “Hide full file paths”:



Now you will see the full file path in the Task List:



The obvious question is: Why you would want to do this?  The most obvious reason is if you have comments and/or shortcuts that are the same text and in file names that are the same but in different solutions. 

Comments (1)

  1. Thanks, this is a great tip – I sometimes can't remember where certain projects (I'm working on) are located on disk (what directory they live under), so have to do a search for the project name to find them. This solves that. Thanks again!

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