Choosing the StartUp Project

Menu:  Project -> Set as StartUp Project; [Right-Click a project in Solution Explorer] -> Set as StartUp Project
Command:  Project.SetasStartUpProject
Versions:  2008,2010
Published:  5/9/2010
Code:  vstipEnv0014


When you work with multiple projects there is always one that is the "StartUp Project".  It's the one that starts up first when you start (with or without debugging).  It's easy to spot the current StartUp Project as it is always in bold when you look at Solution Explorer:



To change this, just Right-Click a project in Solution Explorer and choose "Set as StartUp Project":



Alternatively, you could go to Project -> Set as StartUp Project to do the same thing:


Comments (5)

  1. Daniel Rose says:

    The annoying part about this is that the startup project is not saved in the solution file (.sln), but rather in the solution user options (.suo), which of course normally is not saved to a source repository. Thus, every new project member has to set the startup project correctly after checking out the solution.

  2. Catto says:

    Hey Now Zain,

    Nifty feature great when we are working on one project much more than others.

    Thx 4 the info,


  3. Yukti says:

    there is no such option available inprooject menu as wel as when i right click in solution explorer.. please suggest..

  4. Gr8O says:

    I had hoped this would discuss the annoying issue where VS2010 ignores the "Set As Startup Page" of the sln and starts the currently select page as the start up page.

    Please help me turn this "feature/bug" off. It's very irritating. It takes a minute or two for the app to startup then fail because there were objects needed in the first page but weren't loaded because VS2010 thought it better load the current page. Grrrrr.

  5. michaK says:

    I just wrote a little command line utility for windows called slnStartupProject to solve this. It sets the Startup Project automatically like this:

       slnStartupProject slnFilename projectName

    I personally use it to set the project after generating the solution with cmake( that always sets a dummy ALL_BUILD project as the first project in the solution.

    The source is on github:…/slnStartupProject

    Forks and feedbacks are welcome.

    Hope this helps!

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