The Best of Visual Studio 2010: Pin a project to the Recent Projects list

Versions:  2010
Published:  1/6/2010
Code:  vstipTool0003



Tired of your projects getting pushed out of the Recent Projects list on the Start Page?  Well we have a feature for you!  You can now pin projects to the Recent Projects list so they don't leave but, instead, hang around until you unpin them.

Comments (7)

  1. GregM says:

    Cool.  Does this also pin them to the recent menu by any chance?

  2. Leo Davidson says:

    While small, this is a great addition so you don’t lose your main projects when you work on a bunch of others out of the blue.

    I also like being able to right-click and remove items from the recent list. (With VS2008 you have to edit the registry to do that.)

  3. If you’re on Win7, you can do better: pin VS to the taskbar, and then pin your favorire projects, so you can just right-click on the TaskBar icon, the click on the pinned project.

  4. ArthurZ says:

    Fabulous, the same should apply to all products, e.g. MS Office!

  5. Mike Parks says:

    Nice. I didn’t even notice this cause I always fly by the start up page.

    Found you from Scott Guthrie’s blog. You probably saw it already, but check it out if you didn’t:

    – mike

  6. Nick DeVore says:

    This is a great tip.  Never knew it could be done until I read this.

  7. Steve K says:

    I use both VS2010 and VS2013 with Windows 7 and use this feature in both.  Then I got a new laptop with Windows 7 Professional.  After restalling both 2010 and 2013, I now can only pin solutions with VS2010.  No matter what I try I can not pin recent solutions with VS2013.  I can't pin recent files with Notepad either, and that also used to work.

    any ideas why I can't pin projects and solutions with VS2013 any more?

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