The Best of Visual Studio 2010: Pin a DataTip to source

Command:  EditorContextMenus.CodeWindow.PinToSource
Versions:  2010
Published:  2/2/2010
Code:  vstipDebug0005



NOTE:  I assume most everyone knows what a DataTip is for this tip since they have been around for at least a couple of versions or more.


In VS2010 you can now pin DataTips to source code:

1. Just put your mouse over any variable to get started. 


2. Note the little pin at the end of the DataTip.


3. Click it!


You should now see a "pinned to source" DataTip:



There is another clue that this is "pinned".  Take a peek at the blue pin in the Margin:



Now for the cool part:  Click the DataTip and drag it down a couple of lines in the code.The pin follows it!  Sweet!



Also notice that somewhere (hopefully close) you should see a little set of controls that go with it:



So the "X" obviously closes the DataTip.  In future tips I'll show you what the other two buttons do. (epic cliffhanger)

Comments (2)

  1. Marcelo says:

    This one was the first a learned as soon as I downloaded beta version… And its really usefull…

  2. Ryan Bourque says:

    I really like this. It seems very helpful when digging deep inside solutions.

    I especially like the, "last value".  The value is saved from your last debugging session. Awesome!

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