Hide or Show the Solution File in Solution Explorer

Menu:  Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> General
Versions:  2008,2010
Published:  3/26/2010
Code:  vstipProj0008 


If you don't like seeing the solution file in Solution Explorer, you can easily hide it (or show it if you have it hidden).  First, let's review what the default looks like with the solution file showing:



Now if we go to Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> General and uncheck "Always show solution":



This is the result:



SPECIAL NOTE:  This only works when there is one project in the solution.  If you have multiple projects in your solution it will ignore this setting and give you the default view.

Comments (7)

  1. Ross McLoughlin says:

    I'm having this problem now.  Only thing is, when I go to Tools | Option, I don't see an option for "Projects and Solutions".  I am using VS2010 Professional.

  2. Ross McLoughlin says:

    Scratch that.  I missed the "Show all settings" tick box.  

  3. John Rodriguez says:

    I'm Glad you mentioned the check box…I missed it too.

  4. Jim Prior says:

    What a stupid option.

    In VS2012 I've just wasted half hour wondering why I could not add a new project to the solution, even when I use the Add to existing solution option in the New Project wizard. I can understand not "showing" the Solution line in the explorer if the option is not ticked, but its poor to prevent you adding a new project to an existing solution.

  5. zainnab says:

    Hey Jim 🙂

    I agree. I'm not a fan of this feature and don't know anyone that uses it. Maybe it will get deprecated in this latest version.


  6. Rajakrishnan says:

    Thanks a Lot guys ..

    @Ross McLoughlin  I too missed  "Show all settings" tick box.  

    ur comment saved me

  7. M Hammad says:

    There is a button on the solution explorer toolbar that allows you to  show all files including those that are not part of the project (button second from the left).

    See which file you need and add in your project by Right + click select "Include in Project".

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