Print with Line Numbers

Keyboard:  CTRL + P
Menu:  File -> Print
Command:  File.Print
Versions:  2008,2010
Published:  3/9/2010
Code:  vstipEnv0006


Want to print your line numbers with your code?  Don't worry!  You can do it by just checking the "Include line numbers" option in the Print Dialog:


Comments (25)

  1. Stefan Decuypere says:

    My preference: Info at top and as follows:

    Versions Supported:  2005, 2008, 2010

                                 Default       C#2005      C++6

    Keyboard Shortcut:  CTRL+P      Ctrl+P        Ctrl+P

    Menu Command: File -> Print.

    Command: File.Print

    Tip Code:  vstipEnv0006

  2. zainnab says:

    cool.  thanks for the feedback Stefan 🙂

    keep your comments coming folks this is your chance to decide how these things should look and I will be going back to retro fit all the tips with the new format so I want to make sure it adds value to everyone.


  3. MichaelGG says:

    Question: We printed some stuff out today for a code review, but the only thing colorized were the line numbers (VS2010 RC). The code was nicely coloured on-screen, both F# and SQL source. Is this a known limitation or did we do something wrong when printing?

  4. I like the verswion supported info (although going forward I want to adopt VS2010 as soon as I can get client s to accept it) and the bottom is fine 🙂


  5. Drat I still can’t tpye! 🙁


  6. Paresh says:

    #1 – Yes

    #2 – Top

    Many thanks for very useful tips!

  7. Tim Smith says:

    1. Yes, the summary information is very helpful.

    2. At the top so I can ignore the post if it’s not applicable to me.

    Thanks 🙂

  8. ekim raselok says:

    I think it you’ve got it nailed as it. I wouldn’t change anything…thanks for doing this Zain.

  9. Kelvin says:

    Yes, keep them. I do like Stefan’s suggestion.

  10. Mike Swaim says:

    My preference is to keep it at the top as well.

  11. Darryl says:

    I was going to suggest putting it at the bottom, but it looks like I’m outvoted 🙂

  12. zainnab says:

    You all rock!  The morning is just getting started and already I have tons of great feedback.  Thanks for being an active part of the Tip goodness 🙂

    Keep the comments coming!


  13. cautionsign says:

    Hi Thanks for your resource. My answer is

    #1 – Yes

    #2 – Top


  14. James says:

    Yes, Top.


    And thanks for the helpful blog.

  15. ScottEKuhn says:

    Ditto.  Yes, and at the top is great.


  16. Matthew says:

    Yes and at the top is great. Love this blog.

  17. MarcT says:

    Add another "Yes, Top". Great work, Zane!

  18. Elmar says:

    And another ‘Top’ fan 😉

    Maybe condense the stuff in a single line so that it doesn’t take up so much space. eg.

    VS: 2008, 2010 | Short-cut: CTRL + P | Menu: File > Print

  19. John Wiltshire says:

    Please keep them – it’s the first thing I look at!  Top is good.

  20. zainnab says:

    Great stuff all!

    So looks like the consensus is to keep the summary info and keep it at the top.

    I’m liking Elmar’s idea of condensing some of the parts and I think I want to move the Keyboard shortcut to the top then Menu then version info, etc…

    Probably the week of 3/22 I’ll start redoing all the posts to put them in line with the new format.  I have posts queued up until April so it may take me a while to dig through them all.


    p.s.  I definitley have the coolest group of readers around, I can’t thank you all enough for taking an active part in the blog 🙂

  21. Leslie says:

    Yes, Top, keep them comming. very helpful to point out items that may not have been otherwise obvious to everyone

  22. Dave Sexton says:

    Keep it at the bottom please 🙂

  23. Daniel Rose says:

    It would be very nice to have the info about VS versions supported go back at least to 2005, which I am sure is in use in a lot of companies (it is in ours).

  24. Paul Rowland says:

    yes and at the top will be great

  25. Ben says:

    Yes, 2005 info would be nice.

    Also, it would be great if you’d include the full command name, in addition to the default keyboard shortcut. For example, for print, the command name is File.Print, with default keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P.

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