Split Your Windows

Menu:  Window -> Split
Command:  Windows.Split
Versions:  2008,2010
Published:  3/5/2010
Code:  vstipEnv0004


Did you know you can split your windows?  This feature has been available in a lot of Microsoft products for some time.  You can simply go to Window -> Split on the Menu Bar or you can use this mouse technique:


  1. Go the upper right-hand corner of a document window and look for the splitter control:
  2. Click and hold on it and drag it down to begin the split process:
  3. You can now see different places in your code to, for example, call a method while looking at the definition:
Comments (13)
  1. Christian says:

    I use this feature from time to time and like it.

    But what I never found out: How to switch the input focus between the two windows without using the mouse?

  2. Is it also possible to split vertically?

  3. zainnab says:

    @Christian — check out tomorrow’s tip 🙂

    @Luciano — Not that I am aware of.  You can split multiple document windows vertically but not a single window.


  4. zainnab says:

    @Christian — check out tomorrow’s tip 🙂

    @Luciano — Not that I am aware of.  You can split multiple document windows vertically (Window -> New Vertical Tab Group) but not a single window.


  5. Stefan Decuypere says:

    How to split the same file vertically:

    Window->New Window

    Window->New Vertical Tab Group


  6. Abhisek Sinha says:

    Thanks a lot people!

    Desparately needed this.

    Made my life a lot easier.

  7. TS says:


    Well, mostly useless.

    If your monitor was higher than it was wide, perhaps people would use it.

    But, this sort of feature has been in editors for years.

    The thing that would make most sense – especially with current day widescreen monitors – is to have a vertical splitter available for all your coding windows.

    Yes… we don't.

    Please implement this, hack it in, make a plugin, ANYTHING. It's just silly that it's not available while a horizontal splitter IS…. !

  8. JG says:

    @TS: Stefan Decuypere explained how to split your windows vertically…

  9. Mangesh says:

    I see VS allows vertical split for code files(.cs or .vb)..and you can split single code file vertically , however i am not able to split html (aspx) file vertically…

  10. Ken says:

    I would love to use the rumored Window->New Window function, but it is apparently only a dream.  I'm using VS 2010 and there is no "New Window" option under the "Window" menu option.

  11. bluebunny says:

    How to split vertically in VB code too


  12. bluebunny says:

    @Ken – Reset your IDE settings in the Import and Export settings window and do NOT choose VB.  Choose General or C# and you will see the disabled New Window.

  13. Michael Werle says:

    Is it just me, or right-clicking on a symbol in any split-view and choosing 'Go to Definiton/Declaration' always uses the bottom split-view to display the result? This is rather annoying..

    IMHO it should always use the split in which you performed the search.

    Also, why can you only split once?

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