How to use Navigate To

Keyboard:  CTRL + ,
Menu:  Edit -> Navigate To
Command:  Edit.NavigateTo
Versions:  2010
Published:  1/20/2010
Code:  vstipTool0006




The Navigate To dialog is VERY useful for finding symbols.  Just start typing what you are looking for:



Notice that the search is NOT case-specific.  However, they have added a surprise to this dialog, watch what happens when I put in "ACM":



Thaaat's right!  It pays attention to Pascal Case!  w00t! 


You're probably wondering about "Hide external items" as well.  That will make it so that only the local project is examined for symbols instead of your project + every library you reference.


Also, take note that the Navigate To syntax does not support special logic or special characters such as these:

  • Wildcard matching

  • Boolean logic operators

  • Regular expressions

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