Zoom in or out of text in the Editor using the mouse wheel

Keyboard:  CTRL + Mouse Wheel
Command:  View.ZoomIn
Versions:  2010
Published:  1/7/2010
Code:  vstipEdit0002



There is a great new feature in the editor that allows you to instantly change the zoom factor of text.  Just hold down your CTRL key and use the wheel on your mouse to zoom in or out. 

Comments (8)

  1. Disable feature. says:

    It is annoying for me, how to disable it?

  2. zainnab says:

    There is an extension for disabling this feature that can be found at:



  3. feloneouscat says:

    Hardly a great feature.

    I'm fighting constantly in VS and other products with it. Shame that this only applies to VS (OneNote? IE? Word?).

    Sure, someone at MS thinks this is a "great feature", but for many of us it is a royal PITA. Just Bing on "how to disable control scroll wheel"

    It's not that great and not that well liked.

  4. Ross says:

    I seriously can't comprehend a spot where you'd need to zoom in on *text*. You set the default font size that you can actually read, why you would need to zoom in and out afterwards is beyond me.

  5. Sam says:

    to disable it select alt and then scroll

  6. seriously? says:

    I can't believe you guys don't understand how this can be useful. First of all, settings the text size in an editor takes a hell of a lot longer than scrolling the mouse wheel, so +1 for efficiency. Secondly, if someone walks by your desk who can't see very well and you want to discuss the code on your screen, rapidly being able to change the font size is extremely handy. Third, if you connect your computer to a projector, TV, or whatever else, you can easily adjust the font size without making everyone wait.

    Regardless of the incredibly obvious things I already pointed out that no one should ever have to explain, there's also the benefit of adapting the font size for your own benefit when environmental changes are outside of your control without wasting time. If you're at a park outside while working on a laptop, it's basically impossible to read tiny fonts sometimes. If you have addons that modify the code with squiggly lines, it can be difficult to see colors when the lines are small. If you want to get a general sense of how your code looks, you can do your own squint test by zooming very far out so a lot of your code is on the screen at once. On that note, if you want to see more code for a short period of time even though it would be uncomfortable to write code with a smaller font for a long period of time, you can easily do that.

    In short, you clearly have a malfunctioning brain if you don't understand how this could be a feature. It's totally fine if you want to turn it off, but acting like the person who came up with it is the stupidest person to have ever walked to earth is idiocy, plain and simple.

  7. Ian says:

    The problem is that it is easy to accidentally switch the feature on with no indication why and how to turn it off again. Then you have to turn to Google and find this blog.

  8. Luke says:

    This feature is one of the most annoying features ever added to Visual Studio.

    It's bad enough with a mouse but it turns into a constant battle against accidental zooming when using a trackpad.

    Please please make this feature optional.

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