SQL Server 2008: Using the Geometry Data Type to Work with 3 and 4 Dimensions

I just recently got finished doing a few MSDN gigs and was asked by Lee W. if you can use the new SQL Server 2008 Geometry data type to store 3D info.  I honestly didn't know so poked around the Books Online (BOL) and, sure enough, you can do it.  Here is a friggin great post on just general use of the new data types and, in the section entitled "Displaying WKT in 2, 3, & 4 Dimensions", you will find some great info on "doing" the dimensions muhahahah



Comments (2)

  1. gemery says:

    you can add the z,m  coordinate in the wkt format but it is not used for distance calculation. You can extend the class and then add the UDT back into sql server but otherwise no. look for sql server 20xx. for that.


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