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Design Pattern Goodness: Introduction to Design Patterns

In this webcast, you learn how to make beautiful code and the who, what, where, and why of design patterns. Join Zain Naboulsi on this wondrous adventure of code discovery. We look at why you would want to use a design pattern and explore the strategy pattern in this webcast.  Slides and links can be found here.


How to Watch Applications with the Observer Pattern Using Visual Basic and C#

They say ignorance is bliss. Unfortunately, that is not the case with objects. Keeping your objects aware of what is going on is vital to the success of your applications. In this webcast, we use the all-seeing, all-knowing Observer pattern to learn how we can keep an eye on things that are happening in our applications. Slides and code are here!!!

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  1. Starred in google reader, will definitely give this a look through.

    I’m reading through Code Complete, then moving on to the MS best practices book on requirements, and somewhere in the mix was the plan to look at design patterns. Thanks Zain.

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