Party Unity My Ass — Awesome!

I try not to get political but this is just too good to pass up.  I caught this on the news the other day.  Talk about no bs I think even i could learn something from these folks.

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  1. Will Bower says:

    Thank you, Z. !!

    Will Bower

    PUMA / Just Say NO DEAL

  2. zainnab says:

    Much love Will, u guys have stones the size of Congress’ ego.  Good luck with the effort.

  3. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    This may be a conservative conspiracy, but as an outraged Hillary supporter, I might just shoot my flaming-liberal self in the foot. / I was seduced by Obama’s speech before the Democratic convention. I e-asked him to run. I gave him money. I went to an Obama party and gave more money. I took a bus to an Obama rally. / Then I began to doubt my choice, I saw sexism raise it’s ugly head and defected to Hillary. I also realized that charisma was trumping reason. Plus I (unconsciously at the time) had a desire to do penance for my racist parents. White-Guilt/Second-Hand is a poor motive for choosing a candidate. / I saw the media dump on Hillary, insisting that Obama was a done-deal which affected her efforts and contributions to her campaign. I sent "loads" of e-complaints to various people in the media. I sent a scathing letter to Howard Dean for pushing the super-delegates to decide all the time the media was suggesting she couldn’t win. / Now I have to spend my time appealing to John McCain’s sense of logic and justice.

  4. zainnab says:

    Hey Jean 🙂

    To be clear, I’m not political and tend to just want no bs in my politicians.  Sadly, I don’t think that will ever happen.  For that reason I don’t really support any particular candidate BUT i absolutely support anyone who has the guts to stand up for what they believe in w/o any bs.  I think PUMA fills that bill.  I don’t know if McCain is the right choice for president but i know the PUMA folks believe it and to have the fortitude to stand up to your party for what you believe is admirable.

    Just my .02

  5. Yvonne says:

    America has always elevated image and disparaged content.  Obama is nothing but image lacking content.  His sexist comments only demonstrate just how unprepared he is to run this country.  Clinton has the expertise, experience, and ability to reshape this country.  But America has always kept certain groups "in their place" by the use of religion and "common knowlege".  Many of the new medical results have undermined "common knowledge" about the fallacy of race and the inability of women to compete/think.  The sexist attack on Hillary Clinton clearly demonstrates Americas’ inability to stop the prejudice!

  6. Hey All! Bless you for seeing the psychopath and manipulator that is obama! The best way to send him packing is to unite our diverse efforts and not write-in Hillary(she has betrayed us all) not stay home and not vote for a third party! We must all do the same thing and the best way to defeat obama is to vote for Sen McCain! Please, please lets work as one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. mary says:

    Wait a moment, Constantine, what do you mean that "Hillary has betrayed us all".  The Republicans are well-known track-record Misogynists and McCain himself has used words that belong in a western saloon to describe Cindy, who happens to be a dignified, capable lady!  But McCain has shown RESPECT for Hillary and even said in Baghdad in ’05 (Tim Russert interview):

    "I have no doubt Sen. Hillary Clinton will make a very good President!"

    So, don’t tell us that HIllary betrayed us.  But the Republicans have been betraying Women’s Issues for decades.  And now the Empty Suit Candidate who pushed couskin Odinga in Kenya to embrace Sharia Law for Kenyan Women and Islamist Dress Code and other insane Muslim provisions.  

    If you want to tell us that Hillary betrayed Women, you need to visit a psychotherapist cause, Constantine The Great Byzantine Emperor, was himself a crypto-misogynist, as were all Patriarchs.  So, go tell it on the mountain, and quite INSULTING women here!

    McCain is a moderate man of honor and has shown respect for Hillary and is experienced to the hilt.  But to say HILLARY HAS BETRAYED US…Come on, now, that’s no way to betray your own sexist background! Ye, Zeus! Cut the crap and appreciate the freebie votes you’re getting by default this election.





  8. Dear Mary; Thanks for your reply. Your points are well taken but YOU’VE GOT IT ALL WRONG! NO ONE worked harder than me for Hillary during the primary and NO ONE has more RESPECT and LOVE for Sen. Clinton than me. I donated generously to her campaign and worked overtime against the misogeny she faced from assholes like Keith Olberman, Chris Matthews, Jay Leno and the rest!!!!!!!But for her to drop out before the convention and actually ask us to vote for the man who singlehandedly tried to destroy her, you bet I take it as a personal betrayal! There are only two women I hate right now, nancy pelosi and michelle obama! I reject your reallity and substitute my own! So, are you voting for McCain (the only strategy that will succeed in stopping obama) OR WHAT!!!!!!!!                                

  9. Gunfighter says:

    You folks are going to be eating your own liver’s come November when McCain gets his ass handed to him in the general election.


  11. Daryn Peabody says:

    We (Democrats) have plenty of new registered voters daily, plus support from not only Dennis Kucinich Voters, but as well as Chris Dodd and Bill Richardson, as well as, oh, I don’t know, HRC HERSELF. If you are TRUE Clintonites-then each of you need to kick in $1.33/each to help her pay her $25 million dollars debt. You PUMA’s are a poor extentsion of who Clinton is and what the DNC stands for

    ~Democrats Unite

  12. Mike says:

    Ya lets all vote for McCain! He really represents what Hillary stands for ("yes" on the Iraq War).  Lets keep fighting wars and everything will be ok! That pansy Obama wants to end the war and spend money here at home! What a nutjob! Hillary and McCain have it right when they advocate bombing the middle east! (Sarcasm anyone? get over it…hillary lost! stop whining and crying like your "heroine hillary")

  13. Kelly says:

    Since I’m a registered Democrat, I won’t be voting for a Republican. However, this upcoming election leaves me without anyone to vote for…period. Even if I did vote Democrat, the Christian Conservative Republicans (who by the way think all Democrats are sinners permanently blemished, with no hope for forgiveness of God), would srtip me of my political beliefs, social status, and moral foundation through waterboarding me and chastising me for voting anything but Republican. Since there’s no good candidates to vote for, and to keep the rightously patriotic satisfied knowing that I did cast a vote, I hereby will write in Jesse Ventura’s name for President and Al Sharpton’s name as Vice President. Then nobody can say I DID NOT VOTE AND HAVE NO SAY IN POLITICAL MATTERS. Who cares if I start a revoltion?! REVOLUTION YIELDS CHANGE!!

  14. Shriek Shriek Shriek says:

    Wow!!  What a bunch of shrieking malcontents!  All of this "outrage" about Obama being a "misogynist" and "disrespecting" Hillary.  I bet not a single ONE of you losers were so angry when Bill screwed another woman…how’s that for misogyny and disrespect?  As for the argument about "disenfranchising" all the voters of Florida and Michigan, where the hell was the outrage when the Clinton campaign originally agreed to the rules?  This just goes to show that you looney nut jobs just want what you want, and are willing to cheat, lie, change the rules in the middle of the game, etc. to get it.  What a HORRIBLE lesson to try and teach our kids!  What a bunch of petulant little children you all are!  And furthermore, go ahead and have McCain elected…that’ll show Obama!  What the hell are you dickheads going to do when the remaining 4 liberal justices retire in the next several years, and McCain, who will be held by the balls by the religious right and NeoCons, will be forced to appoint conservative judges to the bench!  Yeah!!!  Overturn Roe v. Wade and any other decisions!!  That would be a VERY pro-women’s health, equal rights for women court!  And just think, we might have to live with a solidly conservative court for the next 30 years!!!  You guys make me sick!

  15. Pepou says:

    Ah the menopausal biddies, the Pathetic Union of Moronic Assholes PUMA, ready to sell their souls to elect an old, grumpy, confused, mean old man (but white !!!).

  16. Pepou says:

    PUMA : Pathetic Union of Moronic Assholes

  17. Katherine says:

    I own my vote. Simple as that.

  18. zainnab says:

    I don’t have a dog in this hunt as none of the candidates appeal to me; however I think the most intelligent and precise thing said to date is the comment just made by Katherine.  

    No matter what your political leanings, you need to own your vote–plain and simple.  For the record, I will vote this election for what I believe to be the lesser of two evils because that is what living in a democracy is all about.

  19. CYK says:

    “Hi Hillary backers,

    I’m always surprised by everything you guys doing against Obama only because Hillary lost. We’re a group of young democrats ranging from 18 to 30 years old. In 4 years, we’ll be the backbone of the democratic party. If Obama loses in the Fall semester because of you guys and Hillary, believe us, she will never be the president of the US, ever. We’ll do exactly the same thing you guys are doing now against Obama. One more thing , during the primary, Obama also had 18 millions backers. We’ll join you guys to play the game you have started. Listen guys, we need to get prepare for the next 30 years of the Republican party.

    We will start the biggest blog site in the US if Obama loses in the Fall, loook for :

  20. Preston says:

    Hello wewont4get,

    You seem to forget that the election was stolen from Hillary. What was done that Saturday Night bothered me because that was not Democratic. The last time I checked we are the working class party. Barack only got the nod because of the SuperDelegates and they did not play by the rules by electing the stronger candidate which we all know was(is) Hillary.

    Lets go ahead and destroy the Democratic party

    and begin a new party. That be someting none will forget.

  21. orly? says:

    Look, PUMA is a disgrace to the Democratic Party. Period. You don’t stand for anything except sore losers. This vote in the end is not going to be about HRC, Obama, or McCain. It’s about the United States of America and our role and place in the entire world.

    Does HRC truly believe that we should be lingering around Iraq for a hundred years if necessary?

    Does she feel that affording health care should rest squarely on the shoulders of the overworked and underpaid citizens of our country?

    Does she feel that we should be building fences along our borders?

    Does she perpetuate the idea that affording higher education, like health care, should also rest on the weary shoulders of the above mentioned citizens? (Which if women breaking that glass ceiling involves education and unattainable education costs is what the GOP enjoys since it keeps the wealth in the upper crust of society, then isn’t voting for the GOP just a complete contradiction of what you claimed to support?)

    Do you really think that HRC herself would vote for McCain?



        Excuse me but the party disgraced its self. the Iraq was was to end in jan 09.  Your vote means it will go on until 2010 acording to Nobama.  As for young democrates,18 to 30 you should be serving with the others.  go whine somewhere els.  bring it on. Let rip our party in half, and see you elect anyone!!!! you jerk. This is not about Hillary or Nobama, this is our country it dosent belong to you who let otherpeoples kids die so you can enjoy your liberties. Thanks.

  23. Nina Hoover says:

    I admire what you all are trying to do and I wish you luck. I am a Republican. Not going to pull punches on that.But I am also a woman and Hillary got a really dirty deal from NObama and his nasty bunch.He is the last thing this country needs.I’m voting McCain . He isn’t all that I want in a candidate ,but thankfully he is a lot more qualified to lead us ,than Obama.

  24. biancaj says:


    I am a Republican that was going to vote for Hillary as I feel its about time a woman became president. I will either addd Hillarys name on the ballot if I can or vote for McCain because he is only going to run for the 4 yrs and then Hillary will be able to run again.BUT>>>>if Obama wins she he may win again and then Hillary will have to wait for 8 years before she can run be cause you know the Party wont want her to run. SO Well maybe Ill just vote McCain so OBAMA will lose and we can have Hillary in 4 yrs. PUMAS lets make sure OBAMA doesnt win!! Hillary was scrwewd and OBAM tried to play the race card on Hillary and Bill just like he is trying to do to McCain by saying that the Republicans are going to talk about "funny "name  and that he doesnt look like the presidents on the money. Playing the race card again.  He lets tell McCAin to pick HILLARY that would be great I wonder if she would accept??


  25. DARRELL W says:



  26. Christine says:

    You 18 to 30 year olds are too funny! Go ahead and vote for nobama! You guys don’t remember the ’70’s do you? Pres. Carter had the windfall profits tax on big oil, raised taxs on the rich! Isn’t that nobama wants to do again? And what did we get from those policies? DOUBLE DIGIT UNEMPLOYMENT, DOULBLE DIGIT INTEREST RATES, HIGHER GAS PRICES, AND LONG GAS LINES AT THE PUMP!!!

     HRC got shafted by the DNC and the major network’s!!! As for me, I’m gonna hold my nose and vote McCain!

  27. trotula says:

    The economy SUCKED under Carter, and it would SUCK under Obama.  It was fabulous under Bill Clinton, and it would be fabulous under Hillary.

    So what are we to do?  McCain now, and Hillary in 2012.

    BTW, if we pulled out of Irag before they were able to defend themselves, don’t think for ONE MINUTE that Iran woudn’t invade Iraq and come in for the kill.  You think we have high gas prices now?  Just you wait.

  28. trotula says:

    Don’t think for a moment that Obama has what it takes to face off against Iran if it came down to it.  He may have a "Rock star" momentum now, but his dick would go limp the instant he had to stare down an Iranian crisis.




    VOTE HILARY IN 2012…..

  30. Mare Somers says:

    I cannot believe you all are/were Hillary supporters.  I worked tirelessly for her for the last year +.  Yes I was angry and upset at the way this turned out and thought she should have been vetted for VP.  HOWEVER, I don’t think she wanted it.  This behavior is just like Joe Liberman–don’t like the outcome, change party affiliations.  Where are the values?

    Do you really think McCain would be better than having a dem in the white house?  THIS IS NUTS!!!

    And do you really think that Hillary would beat an incumbent?

    You all are falling right into Karl Rove’s net.


    Remember, after 8 yrs of Obama… Hillary can run if she wants.

  31. VGirl says:

    Does PUMA really share Hillary’s values and the issues she has fought so passionately for? How does punishing the DNC and Obama by voting McCain advance her cause? I was a strong Clinton supporter in the primaries. I’ve donated to her campaign and her debt.  I have two beatiful young girls and it because of their future I will vote democrat this election. The thought of a revolk of Roe vs. Wade, education and healthcare are the reasons.

    The reality is: her platform is much similar to Obama’s.

    It just seems like such a illogical betrayal to the values Hillary and rest of us who continue to fight for her cause. Why were you really supporting Hillary? Certainly if you agree with McCain’s politics you should vote that way, but to do so in an effort to punish Obama and DNC is a betrayal to my two girls and millions more who deserve a future of opportunity and the right to chose. Of course Hilllary in my opinion was the better candidate but my vote was not about Hillary Clinton, it was about her cause.

    Please…think about what you’re doing and the implication for future generations. I would much rather see you take this fight with the FL, MI delegate directly to the DNC. Forge a movement for reform of the DNC or start a new party but the GOP’s values?!

  32. Phil Magroan says:

    I think Puma is on the right track. NObama deserves nothing. When asked about what people like about him all you here is that he’s a good speaker.What else is there to like about him.What record can he stand on. And how has he served this country? For what reason did he give that he never considered serving in the military. Why did he hang around Rev. Wright and his other cronies without them effecting his beliefs and ideas?

  33. DARRELL says:

        It gives me no pleasure to do this,but Sen Clinton did not have a chance.  So I vote Macain.  I waited when she moved over for John Kerry, and he stabbed her in the back.  And now I have to wait eight more years, THATS TWELVE years.  Every female democrate should hang their heads in shame  This was your chance your mothers fought for this and you let it go. So why should we care about your future generations of dauters when you dont.  I have no future in America.  I was sentenced to LIFE outside the tax system so you weoman could have this chance.  I WANT MY MONEY BACK   Nobama is a carpet bagger and thats all.

  34. DARRELL says:

        It gives me no pleasure to do this,but Sen Clinton did not have a chance.  So I vote Macain.  I waited when she moved over for John Kerry, and he stabbed her in the back.  And now I have to wait eight more years, THATS TWELVE years.  Every female democrate should hang their heads in shame  This was your chance your mothers fought for this and you let it go. So why should we care about your future generations of dauters when you dont.  I have no future in America.  I was sentenced to LIFE outside the tax system so you weoman could have this chance.  I WANT MY MONEY BACK   Nobama is a carpet bagger and thats all.

  35. Alice Paul PUMA! says:

    Not only that Darrell but, Obama cheated in every caucus state and some primaries. Voter cheating and caucus fraud was rampant. Obama stole it with the help of ACORN. THEN he had the convention scripted. There was a "pre vote" of delegates before the floor vote. This is unprecedented and not good at all for democracy. A behind closed doors vote? The real numbers were sooo close so Pelosi told them all what they were going to do. If they said no? Then their jobs were threatened, they were told they would be painted as racists and never work again, they were bullied and strong armed.

    Some of the delegates KNOW what went on, the police having to be called to protect one of her delegates. One who was too afraid to come out of her room without an escort because of the harassment. Obama brought Chicago political thuggery to the party.

    The proof of all the cheating is there. Two documentaries are being made now. Nope, she won, they stole it with cheating…and they cannot hide it forever. Obama disgraces the historic nature of his run and hers both. Worse than NIXON ever, ever was. PUMA came about because some of us knew all this was going on. I will NOT vote for someone who stole my voice and vote with cheating in the primaries. People have died for the right to vote and to have that vote be fair so that the fair and true will of the people is reflected.

    It was not, and at the expense of the American people both dems and republicans AND independents. If you vote for Obama you are voting for fraud. He did it. I’m holding him fully accountable. Are you?

    Think long and hard and do your homework before your vote. INDEPENDENT homework because the Obama site does NOT reflect his true voting record, what he really did in the primaries OR his past actions. Alice Palmer was the red flag we should have paid attention to.

    Next time if you reward this vote cheating, it will be YOUR vote that is stolen, doesn’t count, won’t matter. No more voter fraud at the expense of the best candidate as reflected by the will of ALL the voters.

  36. Karen of Bradenton says:

    Obama being president of the USA scares me so much that I don’t sleep well at night.  It leaves me tired and cranky throughout the day and my children suffer because of it.

    I decided to turn to this web page and get some relief that maybe he won’t win this election.

    I am a Republican only because I believe that we are responsible for our lives – NOT the government.  I believe in a strong military to keep us safe and free.  We are not just anti-abortion (I had two and regret it EVERY day of my life).  We are not crazy Christians – I am a Catholic and keep my religious beliefs to myself and family.  The Democratic party isn’t what it used to be.  However, I would vote for Hillary if it meant keeping Obama out of the WHITE House.  

    Also to allow Hillary another chance to run for President in 4 years as opposed to 8 years, vote for McCain.

    Thank you for your time.

  37. Roy49 says:

    NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE SAYING MUCH NOW THAT NOVEMBER 4TH HAS PASSED, HUH?!! To the last comment made by Karen, Kiss My Ass you filthy racist animal! This entire website is full of American bigots and racists and it simply stinks to HIGH HELL! Well for you and all of your KKK bedmates, Barack Obama is now the President Elect! And do you know why? Because he got the young white, middle aged white, and female white votes and of course the majority of Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians also…it’s called a LANDSLIDE people! And bigots like you are full of hate just like the filthy republicans and that Hatemonger-Hillbilly Palin! This whole website is geared toward separation. Well I have something for ya! President Obama’s going to do such a great job with his new administration that he’s going to get re-elected in 4 years! Then you can really have bad dreams you racist filth mongers! Can you say, "Hail to the Chief?"

  38. zainnab says:

    Interesting post by Roy49.  I was going to just delete it since the election is over but it highlights two things for me:  (1) deleting it would have been seen as censorship and I don’t censor this blog as a general rule which is why, to date, I have only had to delete two posts that just weren’t fit for public consumption.

    Second, and more important to me as a someone who is truly in the middle here, I was shocked to see a LOT of bias toward Obama in the media, schools, and many other places but a also great deal of abject hate for those that didn’t support him.  The post is an excellent example of what I am talking about:  while putting down "bigots […] full of hate" it is itself absolutely full of hatefulness.  Is this what we have come to as a nation?

  39. Nolongeradem says:

    In regard to the last 2 posts, particularly the very last one almost a year ago, haven’t we seen over and over again that it has proven to be the rule rather than the exception.  To have the word "racist" hurled in your face every time you try to express opposition to something you do not believe in is just as hateful and bigotted as about anything I could possibly think of.  And we have seen it over and over again in these elected officials as well as our president (the police acted stupidly?)  If we oppose big government and the agenda and policies of the radical left, it does not mean we dislike Obama at all, rather the radical agenda and policies!  Also, the opposition is toward the leadership in the House and Senate, which also happen to be investing in radical left policies, and happen to be old AND white!  American patriots just need to take a breath and keep civil in their passion to respond to things that they want to protest, plain and simple.

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