Single Sign-On with ASP.NET and Without Using Active Directory


Bill N. recently asked this one, here is some of the email:

"I'm working a problem at the office that requires we implement a means of logging in once to a web site and then enable SSO access to all other web apps on that site.  We also need to implement roles-based security.  We currently have a SQL Server database containing username/password information and roles information.  These are not people who are in AD, or are ever going to be in AD.  We're currently using a third-party portal solution and a little custom code in each web app for all of this; we're looking to separate authentication and authorization from the vendor(s)."


Here are some links to what I came up with but feel free to add to this if you have some insights:

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  1. nguyễn dũng hải (việt nam) says:

    I have tried but not successful with SSO, I want an example, you can not be shared? please contact me via email: niit.ict.hanoi @

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