Vista SP1

I get a lot of question as to when Vista Service Pack 1 will be out.  Here is the answer I received today:


March 18, 2008

SP1 available on Windows Update, Download Center, MSDN & TechNet


April 18, 2008

SP1 pushed via automatic download



Also, many of you know I am a no bullshit kinda guy so I believe there are things that need to be fixed with Vista and, thankfully, SP1 seems to address most of these issues.  That notwithstanding I KNOW that Vista is certainly the most secure OS I have ever used and hella lot easier to use than older versions of Windows. Just my .02.

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  1. steven says:

    I’m slowly starting to like it and can see many improvements over XP. I’ll be really happy when I can use the search the way I want to, though. Seems strange to me that the OS puts so much emphasis on searching yet it can’t find any of the stuff I need. Using XP to search a network share for the stuff I want because it’s quicker and more reliable seems… absurd. Although I doubt that’ll get fixed, I’m really looking forward to SP1. Seems like it will take care of many of the other stuff that had been bothering me.

  2. tucan says:

    Will the SP1 avaible in all languages on 18 march? Or only 4 languages?

  3. zainnab says:

    I think only the 4 to start then they will move to the other languages as I understand it.

  4. zainnab says:

    DMurillo –

    yeah im not totally clear why the phased roll out since the bits won’t change but i am still the n00b at MS so am sure there is a good reason with plenty of documentation and metrics 😛

  5. Boe says:

    When are they going to put Vista out of its misery?

  6. zainnab says:

    meh, all OS’s have problems if we kill Vista then we have to kill Red Hat and if we kill Red Hat then we have to kill OS X then cats and dogs will start living together and it will anarchy and the world will be destroyed!!!!

    save the planet, use Vista 🙂

  7. Catto says:

    Hey Now Zain,

    That is good to know,

    Thx 4 the info,


  8. Stephanie says:

    Just spent the day at a MS launch in Harrisburg and got a brand new copy of Vista Ultimate and I can’t upgrade without the SP1.  DAMN!!! I was so excited.  Now I have to wait.  Those sneaky little Microsofters build up my excitement and then crush it.

  9. Richard says:

    Have a new Notebook with Vista pre-loaded. Do I wait for SP 1 before transferring everything from XP, or just go ahead now. It’s not urgent, so can wait a couple of weeks if that’s best

  10. zainnab says:

    Anytime I get a new box, regardless of OS, I always take some time to "burn in" the OS a little.  I would suggest slapping Vista on the new machine and get familiar with the featues, etc…

    Then go ahead and toss on your productivity apps and such to see how they are working for you and finally toss on SP1 to make sure all is playing nice.

    At that point, you should be good to go and can bring your stuff over without too much worry.

    [Full Disclosure:  While this is my "ideal" situation, my last hardware change was rather abrupt as I had to turn in my old laptop by a certain deadline so I hastily went from Vista 32 to Vista 64 utilizing the new Santa Rosa chipset, etc, etc  on my Compaq 6910p.  I am happy to report there have only been a few minor issues and no show stoppers]

  11. sad says:

    Vista SP1

    Where is it tryed to find it can’t

  12. Tippey says:

    i honestly think vista is better then xp by a long shot i havent really seen many bugs at all and the asking you to do things before you do it isnt a big deal just click down on the arrows and enter or over what ever kind it is vista is alot easier to use then xp also

  13. zainnab says:

    Tippey — absolutely agree on the Vista front I can’t give it up even if I wanted to now as I would miss the search feature too much

    Sad — Vista will be widely available March 18th per the original post.  🙂

  14. Windows Vista for me is the worst thing I ever did. What a nightmere. When it’s not crashing and refusing updates and when Media Direct is not wiping out my entire hard drive…… it’s really cool and clever. How date microsoft try and charge me to staighten out my OS. I use a new dell xps. My computer life has been ruined since I got it. I’m thinking of going mac and Bill Gates is not longer someone I admire. I am now anti Bill. Before vista I loved him like a god.   Disgusted in New York City

  15. mark says:

    how long have micrsoft been puting vista sp1 off sick of waiting gone back to my mac never have any drive pros on that. vista come out to early now its us thats paying for it, and they have charged £100s for the crap os thats just not on   how can they get away with this i just hope theres some big changes in the sp1 long over due ,start thinking of your customers microsoft

  16. rich says:

    Save the humanity, get rid of GarbageSoft!! Use Linux or OS X.

  17. DDK says:

    Hello,No bullshit guy.I want to ask you what’s the bad effect on my Vista platform after i upgrade to Vista Sp1.For instance,Such as will it run slowly obviously after upgrading?

    Thanks.No bulldump guy.xixi

  18. marcone says:

    What do you mean with "Vista will be widely available March 18th" ? Will be released all 36 languages? I need the Italian version

  19. zainnab says:

    Well, hehehe this thread is getting a lot of play.  Let me field the last couple of questions:

    Vista sp1:  Installed and working fine on my system so far and, in fact, have noticed a marked improvement in performance particularly with Office (yea!)  Your mileage may vary but for me, so far so good…

    Languages:  Currently, you can get English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.  I am not certain when other languages will be made available but I would guess they will follow pretty quickly after the initial wave.

  20. G2 Proto says:

    Regarding the burn in idea I have also observed this strange effect.  In hardware maintenance there is always a "bathtub" shaped curve of reliability where a system that does not fail early on will likely run for a long time thereafter theb abruptly fail at the end of its expected lifespan.  There seems to be no logical reason why this would happen with software but in fact sometimes after a few reboots or even days of running things seems to settle in.  We had some initial Vista trouble at G2 but now Vista is cruising.  I would have no other OS as my  main system.

  21. Steve Learn says:

    Service Pack 1 for vista works like a charm, I highly recommend a fresh install though, as for searching your networks or computer you have to tell vista what locations you want to index.  They finally fixed the power options for sleep as my computer will now go to sleep when its told too, even after being idle for a set amount of time.

  22. Ron McLeod says:

    I keep seeing comments of "I got SP1" and I still have not seen it using the Microsoft Update.

    What’s the deal?

    Is it version specific?

    I am waiting to install the upgrade from Vista Business to Ultimate and it will not install until I get SP1.

    If I have an issue with a driver that Vista doesn’t like, will it let me know, or just go on ignoring me?

  23. zainnab says:

    Yes. It appears that, for some reason, it is not showing up on MS Update.  Just go here to get it: