For My Hardcore Readers…

Who wants a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro?  Just put a comment on this post before midnight tonight CST and I will pick someone to receive it.  Good luck!

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  1. Arneh says:

    Neat offer :)

  2. Michael says:

    That’s a pretty good offer.

  3. Dave says:

    Sure, why not? I’ve been doing .NET development for a number of years, mostly in telecomunications, and real time switching.

    I’m hoping that with the beta1 release of sliverlight, I can make some nice user portal applications for both switching control, and billing.

    By the way, my email address is:

    Good luck chosing someone!


  4. norisk says:

    I am salivating – salivating at the prospect of owning 2008 free and clear. Why? Because SEVERAL DAYS have passed since I bought 2005 – and now, I have to do Silverlight. Now I have to deal with Generics. Now, Ajax is EXPECTED of me, as well as many other things.

    So, por fa poop, please send me the new stuff!

  5. Who wants a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro?  Just put a comment on this post before midnight tonight

  6. Nektarios Paisios says:

    I want the copy please.

  7. Bill Booth says:

    I would like to try for a copy.


  8. E Vincent says:

    I’d like one (who wouldn’t?)

    eric at efvincent dot com


  9. Kris Krause says:

    Thanks for the VS.NET 2008 offer!  Very much appreciated… even if I do not win.

  10. Kip Kniskern says:

    Sure, I’ll put my name in the hat :)

    kip *at* liveside *dot* net

  11. Richard says:

    Who wants a copy? Me, of course!

  12. Aragorn Yifu says:

    I can use a VS 2008 pro ^^

  13. Brian Howden says:

    Sure, I would like my name in the hat.  I am using the express version but am missing visual form inheritance and the mobile support….


  14. DMurillo says:

    I do!



  15. scottmsg says:

    nice blog

  16. chris says:


    There’s my comment.


  17. jackbond says:

    Free is good, and I’ll put it to good use, like porting my online version of Khet to the xbox. :) If you’ve never played Khet before, check it out at

  18. Cyril Gupta says:

    Hey!… You’re not kidding! Right?

    Okay, here’s my comment.

    Now, where’s my shining, new, pristine copy of VS2008? :)


  19. Björn says:

    Interesting way to gather some sort of reader statistics and/or to increase the comment count :) I am unsure if I qualify as a one of your hardcore readers though…

  20. mcnga1 says:

    How could pass on a contest like this?!

  21. Bruce Atkinson says:

    I’d like a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro.

  22. Patrick says:

    ok, Here’s my comment!  

  23. saya vanam says:

    Thanks for your offer, I would like to have it, so I don’t have to keep trying the trial version :-)

  24. Tim says:

    Pick me!

    remove "(oogle)" and "fake_" from the linked address.

  25. Bad Horsie says:

    Still using VS 2005 w/many updates… upgrade me!


  26. ydramu says:

    H, I want a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Professional. Than you.

  27. Joseph C Howlett III says:

    Just a Good Old Kentucky Boy trying to get in the hunt for a Pro Version of Visual Studio 2008

  28. Kevin Mullins says:

    Seems to be on.  Good luck to me :)


  29. zyzil says:

    It just occurred to me that I was not signed in, didn’t know if it matters or not.  Anyways, I’ve seen a couple of your events in OKC and hope to see some more MSDN events soon.


  30. Tron5000 says:

    I’d love a free copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro!  Please contact me here:

    tron5000 at

  31. Larry Haun says:

    Would love a copy, Microsoft technology just gets better and better.

  32. rara avis says:

    sure, why not…

  33. Paul Westcott says:

    Not really one of your hardcore readers, I was just scanning through the MS blogs and happened upon yours, but wouldn’t the copy of VS2008!

    And considering that the current messages just appeared to be machine generated, I guess I have a chance :-)

    But I guess it depends where in the world you are (what timezone is CST?) – for it to be before midnight!

    Anyway, if you are feeling generous…

  34. Anandja says:

    sure can use my own copy

  35. Roman says:

    Visual Studio 2008 Pro – this is a great thing to have, I’d even say a musthave.

    Thank you for being so good to us readers.


  36. Jeow Li Huan says:

    I want! h u a n 0 8 6 [at] h o t m a i l [dot] c o m

  37. francois says:

    Wow, I’d love that. Not beeing able to create a Silverlight project with C# Express is a major slowdown for me. So I experiment now with Flex / Air / AS3 / FlashDevelop / FlexBuilder / AMF … save me (would pay for transport and French wine 😉 )…


    – VS2008 standard is too expansive for hobbies Open Source projects

    – Argh, Silverlight 2 and IronPython seem tempting.

  38. Sarah Thursfield says:

    Hi Zain,

    Just checking out your web casts on regular epressions… I don’t know how the time difference thing works out (I’m in the UK!) but would love a copy of Visual Studio 2008 :)


  39. DMurillo says:

    I Zain,

    I do!

    I did post a comment last night, is your blog having problems?


  40. tzagotta says:

    Sure, I’d love a copy!

  41. Trish Middleton says:

    I would love a copy of VS 2008 Pro! (

  42. Sven says:

    Prob too late but,

    Me me me !

  43. Daryn Kiely says:

    Yup, I am interested as well, but somehow I think I missed the boat.

  44. zainnab says:

    I posted this last week but figured i better re-post here in this thread :)


    Congratulations!  I used my special contest algorithm (i.e. my wife) to randomly pick a winner and here is her pick.  Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

    Email me ASAP at :)

    For everyone else, don’t despair as we have launch events coming up and I will most likely be getting more free copies to give away.  Keep looking for more swag and thanks for reading the blog!