Finally, The Official Announcement

Yes, I knew it was out but wasn't allowed to blog officially yet.  Now I can!!!!!  Here is the latest and greatest from the marketing folks:


Executive Summary

This morning,  Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 were released to manufacturing which means that the English version of the product is immediately available to MSDN subscribers.  Visual Studio 2008 is the next generation of Microsoft's award-winning development tools and focuses on enabling rapid application development, enhancing collaboration among development teams, and providing development tools support for the latest platforms.  For the first time, developers have full tools support for Windows Vista, the 2007 Microsoft Office system and the .NET Framework 3.5.  The release of Visual Studio 2008 is the first release of the 2008 launch wave that also includes Windows Server and SQL Server.



Visual Studio 2008 enables customers to rapidly create connected applications on the latest platforms, including Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, the 2007 Office System, and the Web with the highest quality user experience for the each member of the development teams as well as the end user.

Visual Studio 2008 provides over 200 new features, including.

  • Productivity: Improved language and data features that help developers gain greater productivity in creating modern software
  • Collaboration: Expanded and improved offerings for software development teams, including tools for database professionals and greater collaboration between development organizations and graphic designers
  • Platforms: Tools that speed creation of software and services on the latest platforms, including the Web, Windows Vista, Office 2007, and Windows Server 2008


The .NET Framework 3.5, based on proven technology, adds new features in several major technology areas including:

  • Deep integration of Language Integrated Query (LINQ) and data awareness throughout the runtime, compiler, and class libraries. This new feature will let code written in LINQ-enabled languages to filter, enumerate, and create projections of several types of collections using the same syntax.
  • Integrated support for Web 2.0 AJAX style applications and services in ASP.NET and Windows Communication Foundation. Providing customers with direct support of REST/POX and JSON support within in their ASP.NET applications.
  • New workflow-enabled services technology provides customers with improved and long-running services by adding new Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation tools to simplify building workflow-enabled services.
  • Additions to the base class library (BCL) to address some of the most common customer needs, including integration with Event Tracking for Windows and new add in hosting model for extensibility.



Happy, Happy!  Joy, Joy!


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  1. Yes, I knew it was out but wasn&#39;t allowed to blog officially yet. Now I can!!!!! Here is the latest

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