Windows Home Server: Finally the Home Gets the Hookup

If you haven't heard yet, we are offering a new product:  Windows Home Server.  So just what the hell is this and why should you give a crap? 


HP MediaSmart ServerHere is a description taken from the main landing page at :

"It's time to brush the digital dust off your captured moments and media-for good. Introducing a simpler, smarter way for families to organize, share and protect photos, videos, music and much more. Windows Home Server brings it all together in a central hub, connecting your home PCs and making it easy to keep and enjoy your family's most important memories. Grandma will love it too."


Okay so I'm not so sure that grandma will start doing cartwheels when you bring this sucker home and we certainly haven't made this product to give a boost to the slumping hip replacement industry 😛


No, we have created this product because it's about damn time.  Society is evolving and we are getting used to information on demand.  Having a simple, easy platform that will deliver those things people want in their homes like photos, shows, crack (just making sure you are paying attention), and all types of other digital media.


We will start seeing this in all kinds of products going forward like HP MediaSmart Server and other vendors as well.  I think this is a great step forward!


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