On The Road Again…

Paying a Visit

So I’m headed to Topeka, Kansas.  Why?  To hook up with the local .NET User Group there and show some them some Microsoft love 🙂  The president of the group approached me a looooooooong time ago and we just now finally are getting to the point where I can head out there.  I’m pretty excited actually.  Looking forward to partying with the good folks of Topeka and doing my WPF session. 


If you have been to Topeka and know a cool place to visit let me know.  For those not cool enough to visit the city I thought I would throw in some interesting facts.


Did You Know?

Topeka is the capital of Kansas?

The community was laid out in 1854 near the point where the Santa Fe Trail and Oregon Trail separated?



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  1. Paying a Visit So I'm headed to Topeka, Kansas. Why? To hook up with the local .NET User Group there

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