Topics For MSDN Events This Quarter

Hey everyone,


Here are the dates and locations you can find me at the MSDN Events.   These are the presentations we put on in the movie theatres and, of course, have great food and swag.  If you have never been to one, you really need to check it out.  Also, if you don't see your city, click on the link to the left for MSDN Events to find a location near you 🙂


We will be covering:



  • The architecture of LINQ
  • C# and Visual Basic extensions
  • Manipulating data with Visual Studio 2008
  • Scenario demonstrations, including LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML
  • Incorporating LINQ into ASP.NET Web applications



  • How to build and configure services in WCF
  • WCF core code concepts
  • Techniques for building a rock-solid messaging infrastructure
  • How to maximize WCF services, including security, transactions and durability



  • Building rich, interactive applications with Visual Studio and Expression Blend
  • How to create dynamic experiences with XAML
  • Application and experience manipulation with code
  • Incorporating Web service data and media into Silverlight applications


8/9/07 San Antonio TX
9/11/07 Austin TX
9/13/07 Dallas TX
9/18/07 Tulsa OK
9/20/07 Oklahoma City OK
10/23/07 Dallas TX
10/25/07 Houston TX
11/7/07 Baton Rouge LA
11/8/07 New Orleans LA
12/6/07 Little Rock AR
12/11/07 Fort Worth TX
12/13/07 Austin TX





Comments (3)

  1. Hey everyone, Here are the dates and locations you can find me at the MSDN Events. These are the presentations

  2. Garry Trinder says:

    No Sydney, Australia? 🙂

  3. zainnab says:

    I’ve heard of that place, it’s in Texas somewhere isn’t it? 😛

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