World of Warcraft Install on Vista

Okay, so I bit the bullet and installed WOW on Vista last night.  I am going to install the patches tonight and see how it works.  If anyone has had issues, lemme know.  BTW, feel free to catch up with me on Eredar (70 NE Priest -- SQLVarChar).  I don't play as often as I used to but still try to get in  a couple of instance runs on weekends.


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  1. me says:

    im trying to update  it right now but it says it cant put a shortcut on the start menu and that makes it stop and give up…

  2. zainnab says:

    hmmm, that is strange.  any error codes or other funkyness you can share?

  3. omg says:

    everytime i try to install my wow on vista this pops up:

    The file "C:gamesWorld of Warcraft.tempData.temp" could not be renamed to "C:gamesWorld of Warcraft.tempData". (ConflictManager::ResolveConflicts/1)

    at 98% its really aggravating >_<

  4. zainnab says:

    I checked with my MS buddies that play WOW and they suggested that you run the patch installer/setup as admin.  Right-click on the setup.exe and choose run as admin.

  5. gez says:

    i am also having trouble with the 98% error message how do i install if that is happening.

  6. zainnab says:

    did you try the possible solution above?

  7. snakewarrior says:

    I have the same problem as above… tried the "right click as Admin", tried the "delete temp files", tried the load in another directory other than Program files" …. still no luck, getting same error message…any thoughts?

  8. travelform says:

    Same exact problem.  I can’t empty my temp files completely because there are files in there being used by the security software, which is always on.

    I hate Vista.

  9. zainnab says:

    You know, when I first started working with Vista I was like "This OS sucks" then I came to a realization:  It’s not the OS, it’s the drivers/vendors who aren’t catching up to the OS.  

    I am reminded of the early days using Win95 and the whole 16 to 32 bit "experience".  It’s the same story only this time the hang up is security.

    By all accounts that I have seen so far (many of them press that are far from friendly to MS) Vista is THE most secure OS around.  Sadly, the price for security is less ease of use in some cases.  Video drivers, etc.. being the most notable example.  Until the drivers catch up to the OS we will continue to have problems but I see that many vendors are starting to catch up so hopefully we will not have to wait too long.

    Check out for more on the security thing. πŸ™‚

  10. charlie says:

    i have that problem aswell but im not on vista, atleast i shouldnt be ive been trying to install it for ages :@

  11. Dennis Gustafsson says:

    i solved just this problem by deactivating the UAC control, in useraccount controlpanel!

    Have fun all!

  12. same says:

    i have the same problem

    what can i doo??

  13. zainnab says:

    Try the steps above and if it still is hosed let me know and we can seek other solutions πŸ™‚

  14. jeff says:

    shoooot…I have something wrong when it

    "s about 98%…said that you can’t rename something…than that’s a error..what should I do?

  15. zainnab says:

    That really sounds like a permissions issue to me.  Are you running the patch as admin?

  16. sliteh says:

    I set in the disk in the computer and wait for some progress (Like it would automatically start asking if you want to install it) but it doesn’t, I can see it loads it for a few seconds but then it stops :/ And then I saw that the first WoW works with Win 98/ME/2000 and XP but not Vista, so should I just install the burning crusade?

  17. zainnab says:

    sounds like AutoRun may not be working.  you may need to run the setup from the disk directly.  just right-click on the drive and choose Open then find setup.exe then double-click it and you should be good to go.

  18. unknown says:

    i have problem to install wow on vista…its says Unrecognized key "options". (AttributeParser::Parse)…whats wrong

  19. lol says:

    Damn!!! I am usng WinXP and i got the rename error at 99% !!! πŸ˜€ can u help

  20. zainnab says:

    The Unrecognized Key error is one I have only seen when playing WoW over Linux/Wine.  Check out for info but I haven’t seen this on Vista before.

  21. zainnab says:

    Another one I haven’t heard of happening on a non-Vista OS.  I would suggest the WoW boards for the more funky issues:

  22. Pabstt says:

    I had the same prob and fixed it by doing 2 things. First I did what was mentioned above, turned off the user account control. This did not work alone. I also had to put the vista CD back into the DVD drive and "Update" my windows installation, even though I just installed it yesterday. After the "update" which took about an hour, I was able to install wow fine. I did have to manually install the patches by right clicking and choosing "run as administrator" which is just stupid.

    Hope this helps others.

  23. zainnab says:

    Sweet!  Thanks for the update Pabstt.  πŸ™‚

    It can be a little funky sometimes getting WOW on around all the security stuff on vista.  I am most likely going to take a shot at installing it on a vista 64 quad core w/ 4gb in the very near future so will keep everyone up to speed on how that experience goes.

  24. cp300 says:

    none of the solutions above worked!!!!!!!!!! can anyone help?

  25. Moknows says:

    You have to install it as a admin but also under the user

  26. zainnab says:

    Guys just wanted to shoot an update to this thread.  I recenty purchased a new HP machine with the following specs:


    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66GHz

    4GB RAM

    1TB 7k SATA Drive


    Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit w/SP1

    OneCare virus protection

    WoW client from the main WoW site

    BC client upgrade form the main WoW site

    All patches to-date from main WoW site

    I fully expected some issues.  I mean we are talking about 64-bit Vista for running WoW, right?  The results:  zero issues.  None.  Nada.  I was actually pretty boring.  No wierdness except for the Blizz download server going VERY slow.  No admin rights issues.  

    In short, although your mileage may vary, I took an off-the-shelf system and successfully installed WoW with no issues on 64-bit Vista.

    Just thought I would share that experience since I had promised I would in an earlier post.  Hit me with your questions if you have them πŸ™‚

  27. Liz says:

    hey im trying to download world of warcraft it has 6 disks but when i get to the third disk it says error for some reason i can give you more detain if you need please help email is

  28. hola says:

    try to install it in safe mode with networking. its worked for some people that way

  29. Liyana of stormrage server says:

    I have to aggree with zainnab. I just completed assembling my new PC and installed Vista Home Premium 64B with SP1

    Asus Rampage Formula X48 chipset

    Intel Core 2 Duo E8500

    8GB (4x 2GB) Corsair Dominator DDR2 1066Mhz

    2x 750GB Samsung Spinpoint F1 7200RPM 32MB cache

    Asus 9800GX2 – TOP version

    I installed Vista 64B and drivers without ANY problem. After that I decided to give WoW a go by installing it. Many forums reported it was best not to install the game but do a copy to the x86 folder of the entire WoW folder. Thats why I decided to check it out myself. I ran into no problems at all. It installed perfect, the patches downloaded in the beginning realy slow but after a while they were fast (had same prob with windows XP in that matter).

    I went to Nagrand with all settings to maximum with a resolution of 1680×1050 on my 20" NEC Multisync 20WGX² Pro.

    While flying I had 101 FPS and 29ms

    When standing still I had 143 FPS and 31ms

    I guess the problems some of you are experiencing are settings or system dependant. I know it’s not fun to hear but Windows Vista is designed for a more updated system. In paticular the amount of memory is realy important. n my opinion I would gofor it with less then 4GB of mem.


  30. Lonestarr says:

    I had the same problem –> at 98% can’t rename data.temp to data. I disabled kaspersky internet security and the problem was solved.

  31. zainnab says:

    wow now that never occured to me, thanks for the info Lonestarr

  32. coldbeer says:

    I had the same problem. how I solved it was to give "Everyone" full permissions on the .temp directy the installer created.

  33. IllusionzZfrom azjol jerub server says:

    i currently have wow on my pc yet decided to give the vista laptop a go

    Im a noob when it comes to processors and knowledge of ram so i looked atg this site and after 2 goes of trying i decided to run as admin

    Wish me the best lol

    3rd try is on the way

  34. zainnab says:

    good luck and let us know how it goes πŸ™‚

  35. paultje says:

    He i also tride al this but it didnt work.But found a athor why and it workt

  36. im on sony vaio says:


  37. Andreas says:

    paultje: Thanks! That worked perfectly! πŸ˜€

  38. Airbourne says:

    i just baught a new computer that has vista and im trying to install WoW but eveytime i put the disc in nothing happens wat do i do?

    email me at

  39. jose says:

    i am trying to install wow in vista i download the patches and then it get stuck on waiting for files to close

    help anyone

  40. alex says:

    So after spending 12 hours downloading the client, the box simply closes and nothing happens…It is normally supposed to install itself. I also cannot find the directory where it was downloaded to, a search yields nothing. Yet the space on my HD is gone. Tight.

  41. master says:

    I had the problem with the 98% unable to install thing. All you have to do is put in in a different location and the best part is it doesnt take as long as before.

  42. Gerry says:

    Im one of the fun but most people says window vista is not capable of installing of warcraft 3 specially in dota version.could somebody tell me what is the real fact about installing of this before I change my OS into XP.

  43. zainnab says:

    I poked around and the consensus seems to be that it runs on Vista with no problem.  Check out this link for some info.

  44. Clark says:


    Friday, February 08, 2008 2:32 PM by zainnab

    # re: World of Warcraft Install on Vista

    You know, when I first started working with Vista I was like "This OS sucks" then I came to a realization:  It’s not the OS, it’s the drivers/vendors who aren’t catching up to the OS.  

    I am reminded of the early days using Win95 and the whole 16 to 32 bit "experience".  It’s the same story only this time the hang up is security.

    By all accounts that I have seen so far (many of them press that are far from friendly to MS) Vista is THE most secure OS around.  Sadly, the price for security is less ease of use in some cases.  Video drivers, etc.. being the most notable example.  Until the drivers catch up to the OS we will continue to have problems but I see that many vendors are starting to catch up so hopefully we will not have to wait too long.

    Check out for more on the security thing. πŸ™‚

    You have got to be kidding me. Do you know how fast Vista was hacked before it was even out on release? Get osX

  45. zainnab says:

    Clark πŸ™‚

    This is the "no bullshit" blog so if you want to make attacks then you need to back it up.

    I have proof of what I say do you have anything better than "Get osx"?

  46. aleqz says:

    please help me! after i download the client patch 2.0.1 and the updater something wrng hapens , like a error message please help me!!

  47. zainnab says:


    Did you read all the stuff above and try it first?  Can you give us some detail on the error message you get?

  48. cora says:

    I’m having a problem with wow as well. When I start the install, i get some progress, 2-3% maybe, then my install/computer completely freezes and my cpu usage is at 0%, then all of a sudden cpu usage jumps to about 50% and all my previous actions and the isntall go up some, maybe 1-2%, and it keeps doing that over and over. I waited about an hour with it going like that and i barely got to disc 2. Any ideas of whats going on?

  49. zainnab says:

    That’s a new one on me.  Is this the base product or the WOTLK expansion you are trying to install?

  50. cora says:

    The base product. I even tried installing the digital CD’s from the wow website, and the exact same thing happened.

  51. zainnab says:

    I just came across this thread that may help with some of the issues:

  52. Dave says:

    installing in safe mode was the perfect solution.

    I have norton, and google desktop.  Ive read google desktop interferes with updates of warcraft.  Tried disabling norton, tried uac fix, tried giving everyone permissions to directory… only thing that worked was safe mode, and it worked flawlessly.

    Thanks paultje for the idea.

  53. linhaolun says:

    When I try to install wow reign of chaos, the start screen will say that Windows NT is not supported for warcraft III… Why is this so? Pls giv me any useful solutions asap.. thx

  54. zainnab says:

    Back when Warcraft III was made (2002, i think?) vista didn’t exist so…you might want to look for a workaround for running it on Vista.  

    Here is one that I found but you may need to find one for your specific needs:

  55. tudor says:

    hey i am having a problem instalin wow on windows xp…after i read the license agreement it sais…Unrecognized key "options". (AttributeParser::Parse…what the di i gotta do?

  56. Doc says:

    If you install WOW in the publicgame folder then most of these problems would be solved. Most of them are windows security issues.

  57. zainnab says:

    I would say this is an issue with the application not running well with UAC but I wouldn’t put all the blame on Vista in this case as there are plenty of games that run just fine on the platform.

    Since this is the "no bullshit" blog though I will say there were definitely some challenges pre-SP1 with WOW on Vista and BOTH the OS and Blizz were to blame IMHO.

  58. Nick says:

    yeah i have the same problem it says could not be renamed or something what should i do

  59. asians says:

    I’m on vista too and when i tried downloading the patches for it the loading bar just stayed at 0 % and it said i had a firewall up but when i put the accepted ports in it still wouldnt budge…any ideas?

  60. JJ says:

    everytime i try to install my wow on vista this pops up:

    The file "C:gamesWorld of Warcraft.tempData.temp" could not be renamed to "C:gamesWorld of Warcraft.tempData". (ConflictManager::ResolveConflicts/1)

    it is really agrevating and i just hate it

  61. maikou says:

    i cant run the stup as the admisnstrator theres no such a option can some one help me im using vista laptop fujitsu siemens

  62. renegadeofunk says:

    The same thing happened to me on my brand new mac (OS X 10.5.7).  I installed it into (your username)/Public/WoW/ and it worked fine.

  63. Dovile says:

    I know now what’s wrong! I have Vista too. When i wanted to download WOW on Vista and somewhere (i don’t remember where) i seened that WOW can’y be installed on Vista only on Windows… I wanted WOW so much!

  64. zainnab says:

    You CAN ABSOLUTELY run WOW on Vista.  I have been doing it for a couple of years now.  This post is, in fact, about the fact that it can run on Vista.  

    Later on I will have a post, most likely, about running WOW on Win 7 when it ships.

  65. Jon says:

    When I put in the WoW disk and wait for it to begin installation, nothing comes up. No installation wizard or anything, just the loading circle and maybe the small cd once or twice. I thought it was the CD, so I changed CD’s. It worked fine on other disks, just not the WoW that I just bought. I went to Computer and tried right clicking on the drive, and the Computer window that is oped starts to "Not Respond." Once I close all of that, my icons dissappear and I usually have to restart my computer. I have been repeating the process and it still doesn’t change. Does anybody know my problem?

  66. Lamar says:

    when i install it it says "Failed to read information from the internet. Please close all applications and try again". ive closed everything and have an internet connection

  67. Rob says:

    Basically I get to 100% on the installation bar amd then it says failed to install, and give a massive long list.

    Its on a Vista Basic Laptop.

    Can anyone help me with this.



  68. angel says:

    yesterday i install the world of warcraft on m y netbook with vista and the game works aften that i unistall the game because i go to format my i tried to install and the game dont let-me install on my netbook

  69. Nick says:

    installed WoW tonight on my laptop (hp pavilion dv6000) and i ran into a huge problem the graphics just arent loading all the textures are basic no buttons show up on screen ive tryed a few things to resolve this but cant seem to get it anyone wiht ideas plz help tanks

  70. Jordan says:

    im having trouble with my wow, i installed wow first n it wa fine, then burning crusade and it was fine, but when i go to do the first update after burning crusade, it merely sits on 0% saying testing internet connection, and then a few minutes later it comes up with an error saying, failed to read information from the internet, please close all applications and try again, i did as it said and it still wont work.

    i have vista and my comp has a mozilla firewall,help plz

  71. johny says:

    guys this will solve all ur problems….just run wow on safe mode and it will do its thing.

  72. scott says:

    i just installed the wow cds and now a wow installer has apeard on my screen what is it and do i have 2 upgrade a wow account that cost 19.00 usd

  73. Sam says:

    I had same problem and installed in C:Program Files as opposed to C:Program Files (x86) and it worked.

  74. Brian says:

    Tried installing the basic World of Warcraft game (first disk), first time it did the whole "cannot rename blah blah" second time tried moving it to a different directory, no luck there, going to try running as admin.

    wish me luck lol

  75. WoWboi says:

    I have the same 98% problem with vista, does the renaming to public games actually work? Thanks to all and to all a goodnight

  76. Seanchai says:

    That "Failure to Read from the Internet," bit is still hanging in there with the installer.

    Running as an Administrator, AND running it in Safe Mode does NOTHING to solve the problem.

    I know someone had to come up with a solution by now.   With no firewall running, safemode, administrator permissions, this darn thing should be downloading with ease!

  77. Michelle says:

    When i finish downloading the whole game and patches and i open it to play it, the whole game is messed up. boxes for me to click on dont show up, the boxes to check off (remember my account name) doesnt show up and the format is just screwed and then i cant even play it because i cant do anything. ive tried installing and uninstalling it 4 times. can anyone help?

  78. Parag says:

    About The file "C:gamesWorld of Warcraft.tempData.temp" could not be renamed to "C:gamesWorld of Warcraft.tempData". (ConflictManager::ResolveConflicts/1)


    The way I got round it was to disable the anti virus and that worked fine. I’m the admin so there were no issues in permission, it was just the anti virus.

    thanks for all your help

  79. tammy says:

    i have a strange problem i downloaded wow and when i put in my username and password and hit enter Authenticating popped up and the password thing went blank! is that normal?

  80. Hunter says:

    Every time! i cant take it 3 times today i tried to download WoW and it crashes at 98% i cant find the administrator setting can i get some help!

  81. zainnab says:

    Hey Hunter,

    I'm on Windows 7 now and haven't really had any problems with WOW installs since but if you are still on Vista you should be able to right-click the install program and choose "Run as Administrator".  See if that does it.  Beyond that, you might want to hit the WOW forums and see if they have a solution.

  82. jc says:

    turn off windows security if nothing else works. just right click the icon on the bottom right and exit

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