Monday Memos

So, you want to know what is coming up in your area?  Interested in some cool events?  Are you in the South Central District?  (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana)?  Then these word docs are for you.  Compressed and ready for your use.  These show all the major events going on in SCD.  Enjoy 🙂 MMM.rar


Do You Dig Windows Mobile?

Some good marketing stuff for the mobile folks:   Give your customers the mobile applications they need most INNOVATE ON Windows Mobile provides targeted tools, support, and training to help you develop and market your mobile applications more quickly and efficiently. Enroll today to gain access to exclusive benefits, such as free test vouchers and…


Back to Basics: Database Fundamentals IV Datatypes Are Your Friend

“It’s it What is it? It’s it”      –Epic, Faith No More   Introduction Inevitably, during the course of human events, it is natural to wonder what I’m talking about.  In this case, we are discussing datatypes.  Yes they are not just for breakfast anymore.  In this case I will discuss only the simpler types…


Smoke Test

No, it’s not a random thing to see if you can walk a straight line 😛    I was surprised at how many developers haven’t heard of this, so thought I would throw out a quick link to learn more about smoke tests 🙂


Windows Live Quick Apps

Want to get hardcore with some of our best examples on the Windows Live Platform?  You dig search using Tafiti?  Want to do some membership coolness?  And much, much more?  Then you need to go here:     Oh yeah, did I mention free hosting with Verio?   Technorati Tags: Windows Live, Quick Applications,…


Christmas Vacation is Over :(

Yes, boys and girls, it’s back to the wonder and glory that is more frequent blog posts!  I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable time and make sure when you are at parties that you don’t overindulge in MSDN Articles.  That stuff is pretty potent.  So enjoy and I will be live again over…


New Classes in the .NET 3.5 Framework

Another great session today in Second Life with the .NET Developers group.  If you haven’t joined then go to to join!   We discussed new classes in the .NET 3.5 Framework and promised the attendees that I would post my slide deck with other resources here.  Also, make sure to visit J Sawyer’s blog…


Visual Studio 2008 Extensibility Coolness

Wondering what to do over the holidays?  Need to get away from the in-laws and relax.  Well I have just the thing for you:  cool extensibility projects for VS2008.  Yep, these projects will not only delight the senses but actually make it look like you are doing real work while you are playing.  Schweet!!!  …


Announcing Partner Huddle for Professional Developers

So I’m a little late on getting this one out but here is some recent info for partners…   Are you a Professional Developer or Architect working for a Microsoft Partner Organization in the U.S.?  Then you may want to consider joining Partner Huddle, an online social community for members of the Microsoft partner community. …


Reading Is A Bad Idea

Did the title grab you?  Kind of a logical conundrum isn’t it?  After all, how are you going to learn if you don’t read and comprehend.  So allow me to clarify the title.  It should more appropriately read:  Reading The Book Before The Movie Is a Bad Idea.  That was a little long for a…