Visual Studio Update 1 Is Available!

The first update for VS2013 came out yesterday and is heavy on bug fixes but not much in the way of new functionality. You can download the latest update from here:     Here is a list with the new additions underlined:   === Note Unless otherwise indicated, linked items will take you…


Team Foundation Server Usage at Microsoft

My very good friend, Randy Pagels, recently posted some TFS usage data. You can find the PDF here:   While you are there make sure to look at all the other great stuff Randy has on his blog:   Here is a quick look at the data for folks: Instances 56 Team Project…


2014 Begins: My Thoughts On Finding Personal Satisfaction

  Happy New Year!   It’s time to begin 2014 and get some great stuff going this year!   As many of you know, I very seldom blog about anything personal. There are several reasons for this but the most obvious one is I think you read my blog for tech stuff not my thoughts…


The Case For Agile Over Waterfall

This article came about as the result of a recent trip I made to a customer. I was presenting on TFS and made the, oft repeated, statement that Agile is better than Waterfall. Now I have to admit that I have never really had anyone challenge me on this assumption since most of the people…


Visual Studio 2013 RTM Available!

  Apologies for the delay on this one. I briefly toyed with the idea of retiring the blog and just letting the posts stand until someone else took up the mantle. After much thought I decided to continue but post as my schedule allows. With that said, it’s time for Visual Studio 2013!!! 🙂  …


WorkItem Glass

    So in my quest to find new and interesting interfaces for TFS, my buddy Chris Koenig introduced me to this little gem. It’s geared for the non-developer roles who want a nice, friendly look and feel to work items. Check it out for yourself here:     Here is some information verbatim…


SafeNight: Helping Domestic Violence Victims

Myfriends at Caravan Studios <>,the newest  division of TechSoup <>You can go here for more information:       Become a member of the community Once you’ve registered with SafeNight, you become a member of the community.  A community who believes that people want to help.  That we can use the resources at our…


Visual Studio 2013: Cut or Delete the Current Line

You can quickly and easily cut or delete the current line. Just do one of the suggestions below.     Begin any operation by placing your cursor anywhere on the line:   Cut The Current Line Use CTRL + L to cut only the text on the line without the carriage return at the end….


Visual Studio 2013: Never Cut or Copy a Blank Line Again

Ever cut something then accidentally cut a blank line?  I can’t really think of a good reason to cur or copy a blank line and yet you are still allowed to do it.    The good news is you can keep this from happening by simply going to Tools -> Options -> Text Editor ->…