Developing native applications for Windows 7 in C++

A gentleman from Germany asked on one of our forums:


“I am interested in developing native Windows 7 Apps (64 and 32-Bit) with Visual C/C++. How can I do this?”


You’ll first need a C++ compiler. You can find that on the MSDN Visual C++ page.


Then the Windows 7 Software Development Kit can be downloaded from Windows SDK. It includes the header files, libraries and tools you need to develop for Windows 7 (Release Candidate as of 8/5/2009).


Although the SDK contains good documentation, those are mostly tools. So where do you go for more information?


I’d say that Develop for Windows 7 and Windows Vista  MSDN is a good start. A lot of links I wanted to include here are actually there already.


This is a very high level answer to very high level question but I hope it helps this gentleman a bit.


And others too.


Auf Wiedersehen.

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