Getting a list of all the subscribers to an event with WinDbg and SOS

I was wondering and Lee Culver from the CLR Quick Response Team was kind enough to give me an answer. The output below is for CLR V4 so the format might be a bit different than V2. “The debugging session below was identical in v2 except for SOS formatting differences.” Enjoy and thanks Lee!  There’s no magic…


Is MFC 2008 Feature Pack fighting my will?

I modify some MFC user interface related code, build, run and … nothing changes! “Well, let’s manually delete the Debug directories and all generated files, then rebuild.” I can still see my initial user interface layout! I go back to the code; double check what I did is correct, rebuild, STILL NO VISUAL CHANGE! I…


The OEM Ready Program and RMTool.exe

On the The OEM Ready Program page, OEM’s can download the OEM Ready Program Test Cases for Windows Vista.   The 7th test is to verify that the application is Restart Manager Aware. To test this, you must use RMTool.exe but where do you get it from? Mentioned in the appendix of the document is a…


Windows Resource Protection API call and PowerShell 2.0

A month ago, I was lucky enough to give a presentation on Isolated Applications and Side-by-side Assemblies to an ISV. Later, Maarten asked me if the side-by-side cache was protected by Windows Resource Protection. I checked and answered (“Yes”) but still wished I had a tool to quickly check if a file was protected or…


Native Manifests: let’s do COM and forget the Registry…

You might have heard about it, might have seen those filenames ending with the .manifest extension, heard about the side-by-side directory ($env:windir\WinSxS), seen those project properties in Visual C++ but have you ever done anything explicit with that feature? I would like to share a simple example that involves a custom COM interface on a…


C++: Class hierarchy diagrams for MFC (including Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack ones)

These diagrams show the relationship of classes within the MFC, including the original classes released with Visual Studio 2008 plus the additional classes provided with the Visual C++ 2008 Feature Pack.  


C++: Digging into C++ Technical Report 1 (TR1)

If you’re a C++ developer and not using yet the shared_ptr<> class, you’re in for a surprise: The discussion below the video is also quite interesting: something like the “GC” camp vs. the “ref counting”… Thanks Stephan!


Microsoft Visual C++ Floating-Point Optimization

As you might already know, there’s such an article from Eric Fleegal on MSDN: Dave, a peer of mine, asked a related question to the C++ team and I thought the answer would be valuable to others. From Marko Radmilac: We haven’t provided details in the article on when we would be allowed to perform a…


Getting old…

I very clearly remember when Michael Brecker started his concert by faking the sound of Miles Davis with an “electronic/synthesizer saxophone”, myriad of wires hanging everywhere. I was sitting at less than 2 meters in front of him, on the stage, in the Louvain la Neuve auditorium. My friend Alex thinks it was in 1987….


C++ Variadic Templates

Found this interesting documents/primer on that topic: I wonder when we’ll see this in our own compiler and thus have efficient make_shared<T> and allocate_shared<T>. Bonne fin de semaine.