System.Xml.Linq and Office Open XML

Starting to play with those. So just FYE, here is what I wrote yesterday: // create the new document.xml package part Uri documentUri = new Uri(“/word/document.xml”, UriKind.Relative); PackagePart documentPart = package.CreatePart(documentUri, “application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.main+xml”);   XNamespace r = “”; XNamespace wp = “”; XNamespace w = “”; XNamespace dm = “”; XNamespace dp = “”;   var…


Diario de letras existe thanks to Microsoft Office Live Small Business

It’s amazing what my girlfriend was able to do in so little time thanks, in part, to that simple designer UI. I would love to see more features but I can understand why we limit the freedom of site owners… ¡Muchas gracias Office Team!


Live Search Maps has just been updated…

I really love that stuff. Check it out at Go to Roma, try the 3D view and then enable Bird’s eye view "in 3D"!


Fellini’s Roma (Bent Remix) on KEXP

On my way to work this morning, I was listening to KEXP and heard that song. Went to KEXP 90.3 FM – Playlist once in the office and found all the info:   8:21 – Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra – Fellini’s Roma (Bent Remix) – Cinematic: Classic Film Music Remixed – Six Degrees   I…


PowerShell: (Get-ChildItem | Get-Member | ? { $_.Name -eq "Mode"}).Definition

I was curious about that *nix like mode for the item (‘d—-‘) [13] gci     Directory: Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::C:\Users\yvesdolc Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name —-                ————-     —— —- d—-         9/27/2007   6:38 PM            Tracing So I did [14] gci | gm    TypeName: System.IO.DirectoryInfo Name                      MemberType     Definition —-                      ———-     ———- Create                    Method         System.Void Create(), System.Void Create(DirectorySecurity directorySecurity) CreateObjRef              Method        …


Exceptions in C++

This keeps being an entertaining topic: Ale Contenti and Louis Lafreniere: Understanding Exceptions and When/How to Handle Them.


C++/CLI : IntPtr to an HWND

I was fed up with always having to write different code for x86 or x64 so I wrote intptr_cast<>. Still a lot of things to think about here but I wrote those couple of lines as a sample. I thought this might not only give you ideas but maybe trigger some comments: // Cheap static_assert template…


HRESULT for managed code? HResult!

As usual, comments are welcomed! HResult.h #pragma once   namespace Microsoft { namespace MCS { namespace PartnerISV {   using namespace System;   public ref class HResult {    HRESULT _hResult;    String ^_description; public:    HResult(HRESULT hResult);    HResult(bool severity, UInt16 Severity, UInt16 code);    static HResult ^ FromWin32Error(Int32 win32Error);    property Int32 Value…


Recorded books…

This is the first I’m listening to one in my life: A man without a country from Kurt Vonnegut. I figured out that while I’m putting order in my apartment, I might as well expand a bit my mind by listening to a recorded book. This is such an entertaining book. If you can, you…


Find-Item that used to be DIR /S

Under CMD.EXE, I used DIR /S a lot. Under PowerShell, this would translate as gci -r –fi. So I added the following to my profile:Function Find-ItemWithFilter {   param ([string] $filter = $(throw “You must specify a filter (e.g. *.doc)”))   Get-ChildItem -recurse -filter “$filter”} set-alias fi Find-ItemWithFilter For the record, my current profile is: Function global:prompt…