DJ mixes

I'm not (yet maybe) into that genre but a friend of mine gave me that site to listen to DJ stuff:

The first one I heard was entertaining...

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  1. adhingra says:

    Hi Yves

    Sorry to pick the post, but I wanted to bring something to ur attention and don’t know how to start a new thread (I think i can’t it’s ur blog ;=).

    Sometime back you blogged about integrating Windows Forms and MFC8 ( a 3 part blog with samples) that talk about hosting .NET UI (user control) inside MFC views and dialogs. After spending hours and hours on google, you blog is the only one that noted this issue and talks about it

    I are struggling with this and hope you can help by suggesting something more on this.

    I have a legacy MFC 7 application that needs a migratory path to convert to .NET, so I am hosting the CLR through the .NET 2.0 hosting interfaces and then instroducing some .NET forms in it.

    I replaced the main form of the MFC app with a C#/.NET form and were experiencing the accelerators issue. So i tried the solution u suggested in your post and converted the C# form into a user control and try to host it inside the CWinFormsView (I also tried it inside a CFormView by wrapping the control inside CWinFormsControl and then using DDX_ManagedControl). Our control has the MenuStrip and ToolStip controls from VS 2005.

    The control hosts fine, but the accelerators problems is still there. Infact MSDN now has a sample that demonstartes all these techniques but that sample has the same problem if teh cotnrol being hosted has menus on it. Infact what I noted is that this technique works fine only if the user cotnrol has normal controls but not if it has a Menu.

    Any insight on why is all this such a big deal to mix MFC with windows .NET form? Is it because the .NET message pump is different from MFC’s and hence MFC cannot pump all the requisite messages for .NET.

    Please help



  2. yvesdolc says:


    I’m really sorry to answer that late (50 days) but I just saw your post. The truth is that I don’t know the actual details of the issue. Have you considered posting this comment above to ? Good luck!

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