You’ll find it in ObjBase.h: //  IID_PPV_ARGS(ppType) //      ppType is the variable of type IType that will be filled // //      RESULTS in:  IID_IType, ppvType //      will create a compiler error if wrong level of indirection is used. // extern “C++” {     template<typename T> void** IID_PPV_ARGS_Helper(T** pp)     {         // make sure everyone…


Babel – What a movie!

Went with Javier and Mariana to watch it tonight. What a ride. What a beautiful way to depict Morocco, Japan and México. Highly recommended. No, very highly recommended!


KnownFolders, Vista and managed code

Still need to polish it but this should be in the Windwos SDK SAmples VistaBridge in the future. Comments are welcomed! namespace VistaBridge.Shell { using System; using System.Diagnostics; using System.Runtime.InteropServices;   public enum KnownFolderFindMode : int {    ExactMatch = 0,    NearestParentMatch = ExactMatch + 1 };   public class KnownFolders {    [Guid(“8BE2D872-86AA-4d47-B776-32CCA40C7018”),…


Call me crazy but one of the first thing I run after installing Vista on a box is…

mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Contacts “%USERPROFILE%\Contacts”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Desktop “%USERPROFILE%\Desktop”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Documents “%USERPROFILE%\Documents”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Downloads “%USERPROFILE%\Downloads”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Tools “%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\Tools”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Favorites “%USERPROFILE%\Favorites”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Music “%USERPROFILE%\Music”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Pictures “%USERPROFILE%\Pictures”mklink /J “%SystemDrive%\Saved Games” “%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Searches “%USERPROFILE%\Searches”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Videos “%USERPROFILE%\Videos”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\Projects “%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects”mklink /J %SystemDrive%\SDK “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0\” I wish PowerShell would have such a command and not…



Just spent two wonderful hours watching that movie. I’m sure I missed a lot of the culture specific humour and having some of the same tunes as Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain movie was a small mistake but still, it was very nice.


DJ Dolores: que legal!

I don’t listen enough to KEXP! Today around 1:30, I listened to a very nice tune while driving but I don’t manage to get the title nor the interpreter at the end of it. Back home, I jump on the KEXP site , go to their amazing playlist section and find it: Azougue by DJ Dolores (aka Helder Aragao). That…


My PowerShell host prompt

Looking at others code is the best way to learn. I looked at some and modified it, adding the environment variables for the Windows SDK 6.0 (for my needs). Here it is: $env:MSSdk = “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0” $env:SdkTools =  “$env:MSSdk\Bin” $env:OSLibraries =  “$env:MSSdk\Lib” $env:OSIncludes = “$env:MSSdk\Include;$env:MSSdk\Include\gl” $env:VCTools =  “$env:MSSdk\VC\Bin” $env:VCLibraries = “$env:MSSdk\VC\Lib” $env:VCIncludes = “$env:MSSdk\VC\Include;$env:MSSdk\VC\Include\Sys”…


Throw If Fails

I like to use this when writting sample code: inline void Tif(HRESULT hResult) {    if FAILED(hResult) {       throw _com_error(hResult);    } }   inline void Tif(bool succeeded) {    if (!succeeded) {       DWORD lastError = GetLastError();       throw win32_exception(lastError);    } }   inline void Tif(BOOL succeeded) {    Tif(succeeded != FALSE);…