PDC 2005 talks

As I have seen some of the dry-runs for those, I thought I would share my quick thoughts about them:


FUN318 - Windows Vista: Using Win32/WinFX Integration to Light-Up on Windows Vista: A Case Study

Adam did a great job so if you have any interest in that integration topic, you’ll like it a lot.


PRS223 - Getting Users to Fall in Love with Your Software: 2005 Edition

How is this still valuable if you saw Hillel last year? “Even those who saw the talk at PDC 2003 will benefit from the new content and hands on example of an application that applies the principles in the talk.

At any rate, I always find him quite entertaining so I would not miss his talk.


FUN308  Windows Vista & "Longhorn" Server: Developing Rock Solid Reliable Apps

If you’re an ISV and develop with managed code, you must attend that talk.


FUN309  CLR: Designing Managed Add-Ins for Reliability, Security, and Versioning

As I don’t have much interest in Add-ins, I must confess it was not that interesting but if you are interested in that topic, Jim and Thomas go into much details…


FUN412  Five Things Every Win32 Developer Should Know

As for Herb’s talk (see below), the room was packed. I did learn a couple of things about Win32 I did not know. Raymond is entertaining to listen to.


FUN421 - CLR: Garbage Collection Inside Out

Knowing about the inner details of the GC is something I really enjoyed a lot. I could see it again.


DAT323 - Using the .NET Language Integrated Query Framework with Relational Data

Although I had already attended an internal talk about that technology a couple of months ago, I still learned a couple of things. As usual, listening to Luca with his thick Italian accent is a real pleasure. (I’m sure he would say the same thing my French on). If you’re doing any database development with C#, you do not want to miss that talk! Gratzie Luca.

If possible, make sure you attend one of Anders’ talks before attending this one. (TLN306 - The .NET Language Integrated Query Framework: An Overview and TLN307 - C#: Future Directions in Language Innovation)


FUN320 - Windows Vista & "Longhorn" Server: Improving Reliability Using System.Transactions and the Transactional NTFS and Registry`

Here too, this was a déjà vu but again, I learned some new things. It was good.


DAT406 - Windows Server “Longhorn”: Under the Hood on Storage and Advanced Application Development

I was not aware of most of the topics so this was quite interesting.


TLN303 - Monad: Advanced Command Line Scripting

What can I say? I’m not a script guy but that technology gave me ideas! I can’t wait to have it readily available.


TLN309  C++: Future Directions in Language Innovation

I must confess that when I first saw what the C# was planning for version 3.0, I thought that it would be even more tempting to write more code in C# rather than C++/CLI. After this talk from Herb, I no longer feel the same way!


I’ve also seen most of the Windows Presentation Framework talks (a.k.a. Avalon). The one I preferred: PRS435  Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon"): Going Under the Hood to Understand the Architecture. (hint: make sure you arrive with tons of questions…)


À demain, si on le veut bien…

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