xsd.exe and C++/CLI namespace syntax

Carlos Ibarra wrote:

Microsoft should at least fix
xsd.exe /c /l:cpp /namespace:Microsoft::Services::Partners::ISV schema.xsd
to produce valid C++:
namespace Microsoft { namespace Services {...

and not
namespace Microsoft::Services::Partners::ISV {


I discussed this with the C++ team and here are the conclusions. Using “::”, it generates:

namespace Microsoft::Services::Partners::ISV {


and using “.”, it does generate:

namespace Microsoft {

    namespace Services {

        namespace Partners {

            namespace ISV {


Unfortunately, we won't fix it before RTM as we are too close to the end and the criteria we are now using to determine which bugs we fix wouldn't allow it. Specifically, there is a trivial workaround (use "." instead of "::") that is arguably the "right thing" anyway.

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