C++/CLI is not like Managed C++

Before jumping to C# to develop for .NET and forgetting your C++ knowledge/experience/skills, you might want to make sure you have a look at those:

Pure C++ column from Stanley B. Lippman.
Translation Guide: Moving Your Programs from Managed Extensions for C++ to C++/CLI
STL.NET Primer 
A Baker’s Dozen: Thirteen Things You Should Know Before Porting Your Visual C++ .NET Programs to Visual Studio 2005 
C++: The Most Powerful Language for .NET Framework Programming 
Visual C++ Team Members blogs:
Andy Rich Brandon Bray Five Testers From VC Herb Sutter Jonathan Caves Martyn Lovell Stanley Lippman

Comments (6)

  1. Kris says:

    I have been using for sometime and have to say I love this. It’s amazing how simplified this is from Managed Extensions. My only complaint is that there is not much documentation for the same. msdn2 has some docs but many links are broken.

  2. Yves Dolce says:

    I do agree with you Kris. Let’s not even talk about the lack of books!

    I hope this will change after Beta 2, in the interest of the Visual C++ team…

    BTW, I do like the new C# 2.0 features (anonymous methods, iterators, static classes, …) but I don’t think those are appealing enough to change language.

  3. Yves Dolce says:

    Thanks. I had been reading his new blog for a while but forgot to update my links (from which I took the blogs URL list).

  4. satish says:

    Its great. But the fact is the samples given in MSDN are not wokring in VS 2005 beta 1, and im forced to depend on workarrounds.

    Moreover when can we expect final version C++/CLI sepcification.

  5. Yves Dolce says:

    I know. Beta 2 won’t much longer before being released and I believe that most if not all of the C++/CLI features will be available.