Listening to DB Boulevard’s "Point of view" and waiting for 2006

I’d like to point to: C++/CLI is now a standard! “Ecma General Assembly has approved the document, so our draft international standard is now an official international standard.”. See Kang’s entries on Phoenix. Feliz año nuevo.


64-bit TTT class this week…

Train the trainer that is. Although it’s an old article (Feb. 2003), I’ll read it later today as it’s still very useful: Windows Data Alignment on IPF, x86, and x86-64.


Secure Coding in C and C++.

This page contains code samples from Secure Coding in C and C++. You can also download Chapter 5 – Integer Security.  


Sending your C++ sultion/project files in a ZIP files

Before creating the ZIP file and for example, attaching it to an e-mail and send it to a friend, you might want to considerably reduce its size (the ZIP file, not the friend) by doing: del /s *.pch *.pdb *.ncb *.sbr *.obj *.idb *.ilk Al those are product of the built so no need to fill…


How to compile MFC and ATL code with /clr

C++/CLI Do you want to use .NET from your COM DLL built with C++ and ATL? Well, it’s not as easy as adding /CLR. Have a look at a very instructive section under Mixed (Native and Managed) Assemblies: How to: Compile MFC and ATL Code with /clr. I’m so glad I found it: I can…



Very nice example of a mashup-style application using Virtual Earth, and various web services… all written using Atlas:


Kinky – Atlas

I heard them on kbcs radio, either during Raizes or ¡Sabor!. I really the first title, “Presidente”. Now, don’t tell me that “The Headphonist” and “Snapshot” are not inspired by King Crimson’s Discipline album! I think I’m going to listen less to Scissor Sisters and more to those Regiomontanos! ¡Muchas gracias Omar, Carlos, Gil, Ulises y Cesar! Muy…


Programming with Concurrency talks at the PDC….

From, those talks are quite interesting if you’re interested in multithreading and/or making your application more responsive: FUN302: Programming with Concurrency (Part 1): Concepts, Patterns, and Best Practices Speaker: Jan GrayIn this session, we present the increasing need for concurrency in modern applications, both to increase responsiveness of your applications and to improve performance…